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Spell check of divided

Correct spelling: divided

totaled, sundered, disjointed, measured, dissociated, ranked, disunited, amputated, apart, tallied, plotted, concluded, irreconcilable, disjoint, rated, half, uncoupled, biloculate, cleaved, branched, disaffected, determined, disassembled, dismembered, tore, enumerated, rationed, shared out, fragmented, sectional, scheduled, pronged, guessed, gave, removed, dispensed, unglued, broken, broke, trifid, studied, estimated, sectioned, meted, ruptured, partitioned off, compartmentalized, systematized, sliced, dealt, fissured, pieced, rationalized, budgeted, halve, weighed, scored, added, halfway, cleft, dissected, unfixed, alienated, segmented, ripped, bifurcate, multiplied, separate, allocated, portioned, set, planned, biramous, counted, judged, bifid, disaffiliated, disengaged, given, controversial, considered, disjunct, calculated, apportioned, forficate, zoned, deduced, chunked, accounted, in disagreement, triangulated, scissored, allotted, excised, severed, subdivided, surmised, disassociated, inferred, bisected, disjoined, forked, distanced, metameric, carved, quantized, bilocular, rented, cloven, axed, earmarked, programmed, reckoned, pentamerous, pushed away, slitted, bisulcate, multilane, disarticulated, allowed, gauged, disconnected, halved, summed, two-chambered, approximated, estranged, dismantled, figured, incised, valued, divorced, disintegrated, appraised, rent, segregated, dual-lane, cut, partitioned, presumed, prongy, divided up, detached, insulated, separated, discordant, computed, fraction, assigned, thought, parceled, compartmented, schemed, segmental, episodic, quantified, supposed, tined, assessed, shared, torn, distributed, bifurcated, unhinged, branching, evaluated, bicameral, dichotomous, parted, chambered, split, pared, mullioned.

agreed, unified, allied, in agreement, unanimous, suprasegmental, unsegmented, confederate, amalgamated, united, one, consolidated, federated, in league, conjugate, tied, conjunct, integrated, undivided, incorporated, merged, fused, coalescent, concentrated, conjugated, confederative, incorporate, amalgamate, unitary, coalescing, single-lane, unpartitioned, cohesive, nonsegmental, federate, coalesced, coupled.

Examples of usage:

1) The prize was quickly divided. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) You will be placed in possession of a holding of the size the others fixed upon as convenient when the blocks are divided off. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) Such doubts as you express have often come to me, but I have comforted myself with the poor reflection that there is so little love in the world that when it is divided among the people, it does not amount to as much as they wish. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.