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Spell check of refer

Correct spelling: refer

observe, regard, allude, identify, call down, name, apply, used, affect, occupy, note, concern, elevate, mark, confer with, credit, designate, notice, answer to, commit, reach, carry on, put forward, make, tinge, uphold, look up, reboot, interest, set, colligate, appoint, tie in, confer, take in, evoke, lead, adduce, equal, extend to, attribute, deal with, abduce, confabulate, interrelate, constitute, link, involve, preserve, partake, contact, indicate, attach, include, cite, match, summon, lay, parent, blame, relevant, get up, announce, exemplify, turn, call, denote, imply, instance, move, rear, mention, intimate, turn over, attend, impact, pertain, call forth, cover, send, signify, give, encompass, raise, suggest, impute, diagnose, touch, tinct, stir, key out, acknowledge, go, cast, assign, hint, connect, list, fix, belong, quote, conjure up, summons, bring up, excerpt, allude to, revive, hit, extract, associate, continue, bear, resuscitate, discover, bear on, words, give ear, come to, repair, consult, touch on, tint, adjoin, relate, nurture, invoke, reference, worry, hold, introduce, place, point to, charge, bear upon, lift, doctor, mend, run, brand, boot, remark, point out, distinguish, link up, bushel, advert, arouse, transfer, hang, meet, disturb, nominate, incorporate, describe, furbish up, comprise, push, rival, pay heed, key, restore, relegate, appertain, strike, insinuate, resort, ascribe, conjure, accredit, point, confab.

Examples of usage:

1) Hereafter, when I refer to my rights, understand that I would be a Dorris sort of a fellow were justice done me. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) 'I am satisfied now, since I have heard that he is contented, and if Tom is willing we will never refer to the matter again. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) Not once in a thousand cases do you require to refer to a letter. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.