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Spell check of yield

Correct spelling: yield

give birth, cater to, give back, bloom, regaining, catch, sanction, tax return, engender, outlet, put up, profitability, founder, conduct, allot, stand, give up, consent, clear, comply, buffer, speculation, lavish, commit, output signal, have a bun in the oven, counter, picture, way out, profit, egress, resource, quit, bypass, event, give, blossom, take, boom, ease up, damp, waive, fall, outcome, cut out, handiwork, proceeds, conk out, expect, concur, withstand, admit, stick out, offspring, let, cushion, demit, income tax return, quitclaim, capacity, bud, coming back, back down, digest, take back, accept, feed, swear off, getting even, batch, restitution, soft, carry, behave, hark back, lay down, die, help, obey, incoming, flexible, chip in, sacrifice, hold, open, go, supply, topic, car-pool, carve up, end product, rejoin, suffer, paying back, confess, produce, present, bend, gift, fruit, respect, pay, sire, succumb, arbitrage, repay, kick in, affair, bow, render, dampen, forswear, let go, wear, draw, gestate, take over, stomach, product, surrender, recall, hand over, replication, satisfy, gross, dedicate, resign, sign up, mother, leave, undertake, throw, comeback, knuckle under, relent, turnout, move over, fail, show, acquit, acquiesce, accrue, restoration, endure, backlog, retrovert, return key, upshot, reelect, thing, accede, moderate, conform, deliver, let up, reappearance, turn over, tolerate, commercialism, military issue, furnish, kick, establish, issuing, genuflect, fold, mince, adhere, have, wages, return, go bad, turn in, buckle, accord, gain, progeny, compensate, weaken, speculative, change down, cave, observe, refund, provide, commercial, come up with, realize, give out, relinquish, revert, generate, ante up, assent, go along with, resilient, father, box in, submit, sell for, come out, hand, agree, malleable, afford, cave in, turn out, work, block, riposte, arrange, pliant, allocation, bribe, renounce, offer, issue, choke, result, accumulation, revenue, allow, depict, slacken, make up, payoff, bring in, reward, allowance, issuance, break down, deed over, forgo, beget, devolve, pay up, emergence, come up, rich, break, resist, buckle under, birth, turn back, production, contribute, make, subject, apply, earnings, interpret, arithmetic, plastic, win, fork out, cede, bring back, assume, fade, climb, deport, keep, bear, rejoinder, amount, abide, equip, brook, regress, pay off, money, recurrence, pass on, kowtow, consequence, consecrate, give way, government issue, come back, capitulate, takings, comport, homecoming, profess, pliable, grow out of, net, elastic, translate, precede, abdicate, flag, block in, die back, grant, bring forth, exit, fall in, ease off, reach, collapse, soften, try, publication, fork up, slacken off, number, fork over, strong, buckle up, labor, supple, devote, bounty, output, retort, award, matter, back up, impart, get, contain, distribute, support, balance, serve, permit, part with, defer, cut down, fulfill, concede, pass, final payment, bus, abandon, effect, yielding, earn, give in, outturn.

refuse, protest, make it, withstand, outlay, come through, expenses, stand, loss, disallow, subtraction, disbursement, pull through, resist, remain firm, deny, reject, forbid, disapprove, pull round, expenditures, deduction, survive, charge, outgo, cost.

Examples of usage:

1) The idea is that the wise, who are certain of their knowledge, cannot yield to what is wrong. - "Life and Writings of Maurice Maeterlinck", Jethro Bithell.

2) They are really forced to go to worse soils because the better cannot increase their yield indefinitely at the same cost, and they never go till they possess a reasonable expectation of making as much out of the worse land as they did before out of the better. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

3) Yet I could not yield. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.