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Spell check of allowance

Correct spelling: allowance

mediation, readjustment, clearance, requital, endowment, proviso, piece, part, limitation, stipend, approval, quantum, subdivision, proportion, split, exception, tally, sector, stake, wages, cut, chunk, green light, honorarium, dividend, adjustment, zone, tribute, commission, security deposit, warrant, handout, lure, pension, reconciliation, incentive, acquiescence, sweepstakes, amount, pay, catch, quota, assignment, sufferance, authorization, adaptation, compartment, percentage, allocation, reduction, remuneration, appeasement, OK, excuse, consider, granting, rationalize, accommodation, qualification, prize, ratification, atonement, award, payment, interest, fellowship, tolerance, number, helping, earnings, deduction, agree, fitting, measure, amends, adaption, allowance account, reward, consideration, endorsement, tip, fraction, bequest, stimulation, compensation, plum, member, stock, mitigation, modification, provision, gift, allotment, allow for, stipulation, ration, reservation, portion, divvy, permissiveness, allow, treat, assent, remittance, slice, inheritance, license, leave, fee, settlement, bonus, aid, lot, concession, justify, acceptance, wage, segment, concurrence, perimeter, permit, enticement, gratuity, division, registration, border, hire, budget, permission, leeway, margin, valuation account, half, discount, carrot, alteration, total, dispensation, legacy, subvention, valuation reserve, dole, gross profit, gross profit margin, sum, quantity, parcel, subsidy, inducement, end, sweetener, compromise, bounty, apportionment, condition, partition, stint, salary, contribution, collect, consent, temptation, recompense, take, grant, sanction, bit, approbation, share.

proscription, deterrence, embargo, refusal, prohibition, veto, sum, pool, repression, taboo, ban, aggregate, suppression, whole, compound, revocation, total, injunction, totality, interdiction, denial, rejection, exclusion, composite, discouragement.

Examples of usage:

1) Nearly half of the food allowance had been used. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) " My dear Doctor," he then began, " you must make some allowance for two people who are nearly out of their senses with joy. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) I will give up my allowance until it is paid off. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.