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Spell check of rot

Correct spelling: rot

fudge, languish, mortify, falseness, blarney, degenerate, Irish bull, putrescence, berth, piffle, shatter, corrupt, gangrene, crapola, regression, e-waste, escalate, consume, decompose, hogwash, flannel, go to, bunkum, blow, corruption, blather, fiddle, folly, dissect, degeneracy, punk, fiddlesticks, crock, built in bed, waste, tosh, silliness, meaninglessness, emaciate, liquidate, depravity, desolate, fib, nonsensicality, macerate, lay waste to, break, balderdash, mortification, bosh, tommyrot, garbage, hooey, mold, disintegration, go to pot, festering, baloney, bull, turn, blah, slush, stupidity, chaos, go bad, twaddle, feed bunk, beans, deteriorate, run off, fiddle-faddle, worsen, lie, humbuggery, blither, trumpery, curdle, claptrap, squander, nerts, rupture, applesauce, litter, drool, junk, fallacy, remains, contamination, decline, biodegrade, degeneration, lapse, scourge, bunk, fester, trash, decomposition, wreckage, ruin, do in, anatomize, disintegrate, slip into, decay, drivel, malarkey, aggravation, rubbish, codswallop, ravage, thrive, deepen, breakdown, taint, devastate, putrefy, perversion, debris, nonsense, jazz, spiral, go off, buncombe, horsefeathers, pine away, tush, hokum, blatherskite, neutralize, bilge, putrefaction, moonshine, molder, degradation, untruth, fracture, hoodoo, descend into, crumble, decomposition reaction, nuts, falsehood, muck, dogshit, poppycock, foolishness, better, break down, break up, perish, spoilage, knock off, neutralise, depravation, landfill, rotting, folderol, spoil, dissolution, senselessness, flapdoodle, guff, ware, vector decomposition, dissection, bunk bed, taradiddle, descent, moulder, go down, humbug, dissolve.

horse sense, reasonability, levelheadedness, growth, rationality, common sense, maturation, discernment, sense, wisdom, ripening, reasonableness, judgment, sensibleness.

Examples of usage:

1) And you do talk rot, you two. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) A long letter full of detail- a dash of figures in it- as to how many sheep have the rot, or how many people have caught the fever, will improve it,- you know the kind of thing I mean; and- I don't suppose you care about shooting, yourself, but you 'll get some one to tell you- are the birds plenty and in good condition. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) " In short," said Florence in a troubled voice, " it would probably be more profitable to let the whole crop rot as it stands." - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.