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Spell check of deprave

Correct spelling: deprave

dismay, violate, adulterate, overturn, alloy, cloud, undermine, sabotage, lead astray, demean, cast down, weaken, deform, countermine, deteriorate, lessen, mislead, twist around, sully, subvert, misguide, grease one's palms, cheapen, void, brutalize, taint, twist, profane, misaddress, impair, sophisticate, bestialize, pervert, get down, demoralise, depress, defile, bastardize, spoil, deject, seduce, stain, distort, degrade, outrage, animalize, invalidate, demoralize, dispirit, bribe, desecrate, debase, warp, poison, counteract, corrupt, help, misuse, canker, vitiate, stretch, deflower, abuse, mar, convolute, buy, abase, dilute, load, bring down, debauch, overthrow, misdirect, clean.

cleanse, clarify, better, elevate, clean, perfect, amend, enrich, dignify, respect, purify, improve, honor, restore, ameliorate, refine, uplift, meliorate, exalt, ennoble, enhance.

Examples of usage:

1) The prevalent anarchy caused by the long minorities of the Stuart kings, and by the interminable wars with England, and the difficulty of communications with Rome, had enabled the nobles thus to rob and deprave the Church, and so to provide themselves with moral reasons good for robbing her again; as a punishment for the iniquities which they had themselves introduced! - "John Knox and the Reformation", Andrew Lang.

2) The letter states that tobacco was used on its first introduction as a medicine, but had since been so largely indulged in and was frequently of such bad quality, as not only to injure the health, but deprave the morals of the King's subjects. - "The Social History of Smoking", G. L. Apperson.

3) It is an undeniable fact that each additional imprisonment only serves to deprave the habitual criminal more deeply, and to release him after the expiration of an arbitrary sentence is to let loose another parasite to prey upon society. - "Studies in Forensic Psychiatry", Bernard Glueck.