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Spell check of root

Correct spelling: root

reference, report, melodic theme, fountain, rudiment, multiplicand, subject, make up, spread-eagle, place, pedigree, resolution, hunt, cool off, nubbin, offset, graze, generation, incisor, antecedent, blossom, forerunner, fix, reconcile, ascendant, descent, paper, take root, substance, steady down, C, ascendent, rootage, motivator, side, warp and woof, denominator, motive, probe, radical, chill out, inception, inspiration, rootstock, look out for, cornerstone, plant, infrastructure, base, square up, stalk, logarithm, homeland, topic, geometry, impetus, B, componential analysis, adjudicate, introduction, install, answer, aerial root, blend, stem turn, home town, over, descend, trigger, etymon, start, double flat, cradle, onset, false teeth, ensconce, provenience, hunt down, result, bur, beginning, line, finalize, come up, author, spreadeagle, common multiple, appearance, expel, wellspring, affix, bloom, subside, free radical, beanstalk, seedbed, multiplicator, square off, compound, stock, fade, apposition, footing, grounds, embed, trigonometry, fore, algorithm, centerpiece, provenance, kickoff, implant, brain, conception, heart, compulsion, build in, pivot, decide, source, effectuation, reciprocal, spirit, dividend, execution, pedestal, germ, enamel, blade, roots, algebra, insert, differential calculus, come out, tooth root, chord, initiate, culprit, parent, quintessence, cerebral, bottom, central nervous system, groundwork, ground, feed, spring, determine, brain cell, occasion, birthplace, rootle, stuff, connect, calm, theme, al-Qaida, quotient, bud, instate, core, bract, enforcement, informant, resolve, settle down, al-Qa'ida, put, foot, simmer down, ancestry, exponent, gouge, anther, settle, cerebral cortex, center, root word, canine, meat and potatoes, baby tooth, keynote, dentine, solvent, warp, position, do, motif, cerebellum, underpinning, contributor, fall, first, blood line, elicitation, anaphora, musical theme, set up, mother, power, brain death, nub, fundamental, idea, derivation, determinant, boll, extraction, locate, be, basic, index, catalyst, pull, bulb, scavenge, cool it, common factor, constant, modulus, seed, bull's-eye, feed off, group, kernel, multiple, base of operations, arithmetic progression, bow, brainwave, sum, basis, go through, prey on, the old country, rout, home, establish, quick, climb, appropriacy, bear, drive, bass, bottom line, go down, font, dentures, al-Qaeda, fount, point, solution, milk tooth, fundament, radix, die back, essence, evocation, origination, arithmetic, brain damage, gist, provocation, bag, coefficient, calm down, numerator, tuber, grow, prow, hub, pick through, square root, bloodline, reservoir, feed on, fang, line of descent, mother country, action, foundation, gravamen, lineage, shank, marrow, soul, meat, pith, formula, generator, composition, divisor, ruminate, antilogarithm, patch up, stimulus, subtrahend, go under, influence, floor, integral, stand, canonical form, root system, graft, outset, nucleus, D, computation, search out, fountainhead, stem, arrival, well, beat, quadratics, choke, starting point, minuend, words, browse, brainstem, conciliate, search, buck teeth, origin, ancestor, nail down, calculus, compunction, parentage, derivative, commencement, fatherland, rout out, substructure, get-go, finalise, cause, sink, stemma, nucleotide, seek out, chemical group, blood, cube, Arabic numeral, starting time, increment, understructure, force, look for, alkali, mainspring, A, begin, factor, reason, keystone, net, cube root, get back, crotchet, fraction, bedrock, focus, multiplier.

descendant, descendent.

Examples of usage:

1) This perfect filial feeling had no doubt its root in the eternal relation of the Son to the Father. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) The same reason lies at the root of His rejection by the authorities and people of Jerusalem. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

3) Twist per inch, 4. 75 x square root of number up to 40s. - "Illustrated Catalogue of Cotton Machinery", Howard & Bullough American Machine Company, Ltd..