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Spell check of bunk

Correct spelling: bunk

go, single bed, draw, crush, house, outwit, drum, feed bunk, sofa bed, office, double bed, prevail, bedstead, ravings, pose, function, thrum, built-in bed, guide, miss, be given, quiver, black market, bestow, melt, stuff, place, position, get away, post, circumvent, break out, gravel, baffle, bed, vex, flop, bed down, outsmart, escape, nonsense, rotting, gobbledegook, play, consort, break off, lam, run for, pound, bleed, melt down, pass, rack, billet, doss, slip, elude, air bed, kip, outfox, hammock, thresh, bedhead, situation, flummox, crib, spiel, overreach, hunt, collapse, endure, cuddle up, down, meaninglessness, pad, hogwash, operate, come off, fold-away bed, tucker out, flail, nonplus, pulsate, tick, mystify, exhaust, hay, king-size bed, lodge, dumbfound, fly the coop, bedside, bewilder, hokum, vanquish, get by, sack, secede, curl up, run away, harbor, bedroll, double dutch, bunkum, beat up, hospital bed, die hard, get out, take to the woods, break, chip off, protection, trumpery, buncombe, frill, ticktack, lair, bassinet, execute, day bed, domicile, drivel, room, mooring, berth, wash up, range, decomposition, turn tail, chip, hightail it, scramble, cot, gimcrackery, work over, accommodate, hunker down, ticktock, persist, stupefy, ladder, puzzle, track down, cradle, putrefaction, rubbish, perplex, put up, bedpost, beat out, four poster, head for the hills, carry, run, splinter, extend, unravel, dogshit, break loose, amaze, get off, Irish bull, gimcrack, hunt down, lean, campaign, ply, rot, incline, quarter, queen-size bed, mumbo-jumbo, garbage, trounce, beat, thrash, course, nonsensicality, get, work, race, bunk bed, pallet, feed, spot, fall, lay, flap, move, break away, flow, tucker, tend, roll-away bed, lead, moorage, scarper, stick, board, scat, bull, guff, thump, shell.

Examples of usage:

1) Now it only remained for him to look well to the good yellow horse and sleep one more night in the friendly big man's bunk, then up before the sun and go. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) You go back to your bunk, and I'll take mine, and we'll talk the thing over before we see them again. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Yes, yes; I'll go to my bunk after a bit. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.