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Spell check of crib

Correct spelling: crib

safe, cribbage, words, stall, environment, portfolio, exercise book, holster, container, exam, single bed, fingerstall, lope, all-nighter, plagiarize, sheath, double bed, cellar, fold-away bed, four poster, bassinet, blue book, cedar chest, examiner, bin, depository, trot, give, jog, classwork, storehouse, bank, bunk, hutch, berth, corncrib, abode, can, bedstead, air bed, archive, folio, socket, day bed, eraser, occupant, queen-size bed, cradle, pony, sofa bed, crate, vault, storeroom, capsule, hammock, candidate, storage, commissary, stockpile, bread bin, supermarket, bedside, hoard, silo, cupboard, coffer, copy, arsenal, bed, warehouse, jigger, breadbox, locker, shot glass, bedhead, bedroll, emporium, king-size bed, caddy, bedpost, cheat, crib note, box, coolbox, the home front, market, pirate, hospital bed, canister, cake tin, town, armory, case, carton, chest, manger, cheat sheet, Baggie, larder, accumulation, home, hayloft, camp bed, blackboard, scabbard, cookie jar, chalkboard, store, quiver, certificate, cache, borderline, falsify, mock, examination, library, depot, bunk bed, occupier, address, hustle, lumberyard, casket, cot, habitation, essay, fake, file, treasure, closet, roll-away bed, buttery, rack, granary, pack, mart, repository, dictation, grocery.

Examples of usage:

1) Will you walk up to the nursery and set up the baby's crib? - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) Chitty and I laboured some time setting up beds, beginning with the crib in the nursery. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) One night she was gone such a long time that at last I followed, and found her dead, kneeling beside her child's empty crib, and the light out. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.