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Spell check of quarter

Correct spelling: quarter

prat, can, charity, occupy, hearthstone, neck of the woods, accommodate, denominator, cantonment, town, colonial, quartern, force, trace, guide, drag, get out, squat, hind end, shadower, nincompoop, withdraw, backside, residence, draw and quarter, locality, imbibe, protection, colonize, divisional, nation, plot, area, draw in, depict, pull in, kingdom, fast, lodging, indulgence, chop, stern, fundament, beat, colony, cent, describe, coin, suck up, bestow, cast, bum, dirt, pregame, territory, draw off, buns, altruism, municipality, calendar, pull out, halftime, field, clip, hack, two bits, slice, abode, buttocks, clemency, forbearance, soak up, tail assembly, sectional, dog tag, fragment, delineate, nates, carat, annual, ninny, portion, shite, A.D., run, chunk, stay, place, fourth, habitation, b., are, cubic, ahead, about, harbor, draw, bust, crowd, overtime, derriere, dukedom, acre, canton, rear, sop up, reside, shadow, hospitality, dollar, detail, c., at, garrison, bushel, thread, duchy, bit, part, near, semester, third, cut up, locale, B.C., piece, bunk, mercifulness, take out, make, roof, commonwealth, cut out, dwelling, earldom, line, one-fourth, dime, borough, dinar, attract, injury time, the skinny, fanny, pad, empennage, tail, posterior, parcel, disembowel, solicitude, generosity, board, close together, pull back, pull, rump, half-hour, academic year, domain, point, regional, circuit, lenity, dwell, district, common denominator, billet, span, fireside, keister, collection, Shire, diggings, lodge, B.C.E., absorb, nabe, age group, sector, city, fragmentary, behind, extra time, etch, burbs, quarters, county, state, BMI, half, generalship, fifteenth, lot, fiftieth, busload, domicile, a.m., mercy, cut, and, cabbagetown, fractional, riding, seat, base, ct., support, commonweal, bottom, hindquarters, precinct, cu., provincial, crush, after, zone, low-down, puff, consideration, eighth, forward, post, fort, bailiwick, fag end, assemblage, AUD, biannual, section, country, house, inhabit, tooshie, brownfield, realm, neighborhood, region, constellation, reap, tract, lenience, hearth, tush, national, numerator, direction, array, fraction, cramped, club, agora, empire, crown, twenty-five percent, fifth, break, room, common fraction, bearing, finely, division, after part, first half, territorial, tail end, berth, tie, centigram, eviscerate, fourth part, block, barrio, pass, compassion, get, armpit, circle, around, take up, semi, euro, position, warmth, segment, eleventh, fatigues, liberality, run-in, segmental, money, belt, roost, take in, billionth, province, restricted, local, put up, kindness, quadrisect, rear end, leniency, string.

discipline, malice, grudge, savagery, violence, scolding, harshness, nastiness, brutality, revenge, sadism, gall, truculence, cattiness, resentment, cruelty, savageness, hatred, wantonness, antagonism, venom, animosity, spleen, abhorrence, castigation, execration, spite, atrocity, vindictiveness, pitilessness, retaliation, chastisement, bile, punishment, pique, loathing, vitriol, meanness, spitefulness, retribution, ruthlessness, vengeance, hatefulness, virulence, hostility, reprisal, mercilessness, malignity, uncharitableness, hardness, rancor, jaundice, abomination, antipathy, requital, roughness, viciousness, barbarity, malevolence, coarseness, malignancy, jealousy, detestation, enmity, hate, bitterness, maliciousness, invidiousness.

Examples of usage:

1) About a quarter of an hour more. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) A quarter of an hour later, Chamis came and bowed to both. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) I b'lieve it's a mile and a quarter. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.