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Spell check of billet

Correct spelling: billet

property, tone, business line, blood, blood line, line of credit, piazza, lieu, mooring, channel, adobe, pedigree, rail line, seam, line of business, blot, posture, pipeline, agency, crinkle, draw and quarter, furrow, military post, attitude, line of work, spatial relation, seat, origin, built in bed, promissory note, speckle, parentage, stake, dividing line, demarcation, fleck, bunk, line, short letter, function, job, office, power, draw, postal service, role, logical argument, spot, status, greenback, melodic line, maculation, pip, wrinkle, fatigues, fort, annotation, agate line, subscriber line, detail, smudge, line of products, personal line of credit, argumentation, preeminence, slot, space, railway line, quarter, state of affairs, authority, argument, inhabit, business, personal credit line, part, government note, appointment, position, mail, point, occupation, bungalow, note, bit, boarding house, ancestry, slip, bureau, side, stemma, stock, reside, positioning, location, production line, bank note, topographic point, colonize, banknote, line of merchandise, squat, product line, plaza, daub, federal agency, stay, apartment, view, station, house, lineage, eminence, transmission line, patch, cable, rod, bunkhouse, melody, air, home, situation, mail service, dwell, credit line, banker's bill, line of reasoning, stain, apartment building, communication channel, dog tag, generalship, dapple, site, telephone line, crease, line of descent, perspective, smirch, bank line, placement, post, descent, military position, slur, bust, lodge, touch, stance, gig, blank space, office staff, assembly line, shoes, bank bill, government agency, emplacement, strain, course, contrast, business office, base, phone line, berth, tune, place, bill, musical note, moorage, distinction, canton, stead, garrison, bloodline, roost, note of hand, chateau, chalet, notation, telephone circuit, cabin, spotlight, occupy, locating, smear, melodic phrase.

Examples of usage:

1) But I'm going to give him a billet on the estate. - "A Poached Peerage", William Magnay.

2) The less prominent decorations of Norman mouldings include the alternate billet, the double cone, and the lozenge, together with an immense number of others less commonly found. - "Our Homeland Churches and How to Study Them", Sidney Heath.

3) " I've been moving heaven and earth to try and raise some sort of a billet, but it's no go. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.