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Spell check of model

Correct spelling: model

cartoon, mould, vex, standard, dumbfound, rendering, trial, role model, image, fabric, sample, pilot, description, couturier, epitome, collection, portray, impression, feigning, pretence, illustrative, composition, aesthetic, heroine, infallible, set out, mint, profile, set, shape, molding, angel, graphic, pretense, story, classic, thoroughbred, beau ideal, seat, ensample, depict, instance, perfect, flawless, duplication, reproduce, replica, replicate, skeleton, brand name, derivative, statue, line, framework, reproduction, sit down, work, modelling, pretending, representative, representation, analogy, object lesson, computer simulation, delineate, exemplary, good woman, textbook, watertight, salt of the earth, archetypal, example, define, paragon, rendered, sitter, toughie, characterization, carving, perfectly, influence, form, gentleman, principle, exercise, type, baffle, posture, relief, brand, haute couture, bewilder, miniature, depiction, facsimile, assume, hero, sit around, rule, flavor, ride, reduction, norm, precedent, end product, dream, manakin, pattern, basis, flummox, exemplification, snapshot, bust, sit, duplicate, gentlewoman, resemblance, format, clone, exploded, Xerox, effigy, original, mock up, poser, double, imitate, casting, worthy, mildew, case, amaze, cardboard cut-out, imitable, ideally, good example, masterpiece, determine, same, counterfeit, moulding, exemplify, aping, pin down, ape, put, impersonate, experimental, forge, criterion, bench mark, theoretical account, gauge, genotype, marvel, exemplar, craft, approximation, empirical, equivalent, tale, homunculus, figure, test, illustrate, homage, prototype, sketch, render, gravel, metaphorical, clay sculpture, personate, copy, pastiche, good, simulation, regulate, legend, cutaway, likeness, imagine, set forth, tracing, lesson, mold, mockup, picture, photograph, parody, place, fashion show, fashion, cast, the sublime, ideal, outline, silhouette, quintessential, simulate, carbon, represent, portrayed, brand leader, analogous, template, sham, draftsmanship, definitive, get, catwalk, imitation, mannequin, generation, phenomenon, portrait, miracle, position, engraving, print, house, paint, warning, idol, puzzle, create, approximate, lineup, byproduct, inspiration, forgery, beat, feign, stereotype, nonplus, stupefy, touchstone, stick, saint, design, describe, version, illustration, drawing, figurine, yardstick, baby-sit, commodity, mannikin, impeccable, specimen, lay, paradigm, text, pose, Goth, mirror, cherub, mystify, simulacrum, base on, poseur, fashionista, paradigmatic, archetype, modeling, manikin, transcript, metaphor, stumper, photocopy, effect, sticker, icon, good man, execute, fashion model, ditto, present, guide, commission, perplex, portrayal, deterrent example, fashion house.

substandard, poor, wretched, unworthy, disappointing, atrocious, second-rate, representative, typical, unsatisfactory, bad, ordinary, failed, second-class, inferior, inadequate, vile, execrable, deficient, mediocre, normal, low-grade, average.

Examples of usage:

1) " Whatever she does is entirely satisfactory to me," continued the model husband. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

2) So that his studies for portraits are themselves works of art, sometimes invested with even more spirit than the oil painting, which was never made direct from the living model,- at any rate, until ready for the finishing touches. - "Holbein", Beatrice Fortescue.

3) We have all seen the solicitor and the business man who look like a fashion plate or tailor's model. - "Dollars and Sense", Col. Wm. C. Hunter.