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Spell check of cut

Correct spelling: cut

swing music, whack, dig, fare, parcel, back, press cutting, quota, disallow, insulate, tapered, do it, curl, sunburn, hewn, condensed, shedded, stock, half-and-half, have it away, eradicated, deflate, unsexed, dismember, gully, compressed, andante, wind, excise, bit, dissociate, chump, cart track, direct, wounded, roll in the hay, downed, removed, point, stretch, allot, let down, name, disassemble, gird, delete, step, slitted, film editing, dodge, exuded, curtail, have it off, garnish, clipped, undertake, write up, disengaged, water, swinging, exhausted, subdivided, slight, newspaper clipping, sleep together, track, tighten, distribute, evacuate, groove, mowed, affront, chuck steak, adulterate, cloth, sliver, abridged, decremented, abrasion, punctured, editorial, cull, cutting room, cavity, belched, archive, neck, browse, truncated, abridge, release, emerge, golf stroke, bounty, shrivel, branched, degrade, sliced, shed, gash, disaffiliated, diagonal, interfere with, snipped, grow, pagination, reject, unfixed, part, allocate, ruptured, tape, excised, rationalise, disassembly, watered, tell apart, jump, rap, felled, disaffiliate, grapple, ravine, sew, chip away, burn in, bifurcated, subtracted, deep-sixed, channel, struck, disconnect, spot, push, kiss-off, justify, rift, disarticulation, dug, lop, know, eliminate, jilted, skim, get it on, undercut, elided, slot, shut off, erased, melt off, crosscut, grooved, bedsore, bobbed, expunge, deflated, blister, dissection, cave, caterpillar track, geld, budget, stripe, bob, repress, fiber, lessen, drained, censor, trick, cropped, ditch, segregated, data track, dub over, mete, pieced, seeped, segregate, rail, shrink, sawed-off, snip, cartroad, compartment, complete, leave, evacuated, clip, reduction, cutting out, gather, separate, blemish, minimize, subjugate, censored, nicked, animation, deletion, sign, down, distributed, chorus, slenderize, line up, channeled, exude, decreased, harm, extirpation, jogged, separated, crook, black eye, remove, queue, lowered, arrange, ignore, alter, carving, hurt, haircut, box, boil down, serration, compacted, devalued, refund, excluded, have a go at it, knock, split, offense, appropriation, incised, dismiss, vent, marked down, break up, spayed, disgorge, subtract, make love, cleft, fork, rend, capture, lopped, cut off, devalue, measured, pass, jettisoned, bisected, orient, cut into, edited, beat out, poke, dismantle, condition, discarded, pared, slip, excreted, drain, subdivision, evade, zone, excuse, baseball swing, quantum, break, clipping, sheer, cut away, scissor, apologize, weeded, exclude, chapter, bring down, obliterated, hit, cavern, segmented, censorship, crop, trash, unglued, see, draw, athlete's foot, cheapened, excrete, docked, compartmentalized, halved, mark, allotment, fraction, dart, reap, subterfuge, divorce, path, gouge, injure, FX, abscission, forked, jibe, expurgated, meet, cauterize, cope, disconnection, denied, indignity, slim down, racetrack, knock down, broke, amputated, fell, alienation, earmarked, brush off, fragmented, trimmed, concussion, lengthen, shredded, slice, jettison, misfortune, caterpillar tread, chinked, braid, vomited, attenuate, elongate, parted, corrugate, canal, disgorged, bisect, supply, bisection, discounted, decamp, rebate, pleat, decrease, deoxidise, rented, carved, reduced, push aside, impure, concentrate, give, aperture, close, cranny, abbreviate, sawn-off, corrugated, come down, assemble, sever, get along, seep, castrate, decussate, parceled, narrow, stamp out, sculptured, dealt, fissured, access, running, sniped, weed, disapproved, chisel, alienate, junk, burn off, grade, behead, adagio, scythe, cross, unmanned, snub, secrete, cornrow, chunk, barred, corn dog, personality, apologise, skid, disable, slash, bond, axe, torn, checked, hop-skip, lot, disapprove, phase, epithet, allowance, dismembered, severed, debase, partition, accept, cracked, drop, break off, lightened, scheme, skip, bound off, disallowed, authorial, cauterise, scarify, scrap, the big screen, cinematography, comb out, pass over, deducted, emitted, injured, sign on, disarticulate, debased, mar, carve, vacillation, tailor-make, form, abyss, decoct, intersect, burn, recognise, allegro, ploy, earmark, disengagement, load, excision, boil, restrict, dissever, overthrow, puncture, deoxidize, dis, fluted, obliterate, textile, oppugn, course, nick, seek, budgeted, alienated, brickbat, thinned, bifurcation, beehive, branching, shared, telescope, indented, thin out, write out, strain, edit, lop off, disjoined, notch, hemisphere, formed, discard, cinematic, put down, pierce, discern, omitted, excommunication, bar, allowed, disunited, cut up, contracted, apportioned, devaluate, swerve, partitioned, record, erupted, eject, cancel, author, plunge, turf out, barbershop, bonk, racecourse, get, furrowed, manage, hold back, spewed, separatrix, bruise, authorship, abandon, yarn, expunged, fissure, comb, dirty tricks, annihilate, disaster, mow, bid, thin, diminish, apportion, carve up, bulldoze, bang out, allotted, bun, rebuff, chuck, shock, abbreviated, telescoped, rent, contract, dismantled, discharge, subvert, gashed, weaken, canceled, blotch, nipped, interrupt, dissociation, shaved, uncouple, trashed, fabric, crevice, dispense, divorced, press, dub in, flute, degraded, buzz cut, eff, elide, trim down, take, cut across, dress, issue, disintegrate, depleted, flash back, bankroll, pick out, distinguish, shorten, omit, mute, segment, fade, spew, sundered, lacerate, leached, rive, put out, member, subside, strong, splay, snubbed, scissored, repel, meted, call up, blacklisted, hairstyle, foreshorten, cast, indent, chop, amputation, inflict, slap, turn out, cold shoulder, redact, take apart, bass, devaluated, air, diluted, back up, disjoint, cutting, branch, cut through, come out, FPS, slotted, make, emasculate, switch off, skip over, blacklist, incision, slump, serrated, cutback, sheared, get laid, direction, erode, dub out, bang, scrapped, stinger, curtailed, assign, eradicate, incinerate, crimp, percentage, prank, slim, half, culled, portioned, arch, fire, atmospherics, prune, rake, curve, castrated, spread out, tear, adapt, veer, impose, given, chunked, blast away, subdivide, tailor, lie with, compartmented, twist, scratch, raise, sleep with, gave, get by, attenuated, enter, quarter, shuffle, take down, cleaved, measure, calamity, head, gap, mangle, vented, bowdlerise, weakened, chasm, secreted, ablation, press clipping, combust, disintegrated, scraped, squeeze out, rotate, deny, ripped, dissected, outrage, thinning, lilt, turn up, bailout, dado, bring out, disconnected, prove, mark down, trench, runway, undermine, score, dichotomy, scored, slew, pothole, cutting off, unfix, chopped, sector, allow, chip, chop down, deduct, place, buffet, halve, ruse, broken, crater, bangs, division, fall, dissect, depreciated, lead, hoax, gouge out, indentation, stake, hand-hewn, trim back, bowdlerize, cut of meat, lessened, brisket, pull down, portion, keep down, blood money, cut out, recognize, compartmentalize, skew, gutter, have sex, screen off, etch, publish, shave, put off, penetrate, detach, do, glow, sign up, discharged, dispensed, top-slice, detachment, shirk, segregation, coldshoulder, blackballed, cash flow, vamoose, separation, hew, burn down, love, rut, mown, unglue, corrugation, repulse, bated, emit, append, boot out, virgule, serrate, insult, slicing, compact, hack, share, articulation, ejaculated, impair, visit, constrict, stage, interest, disassociation, diminished, lower, unhinged, truncate, faded, blackball, eroded, proportion, belch, spurn, deracination, barb, whoop, help, land, push down, arise, wound, spay, junked, dividend, blow, dice, get down, vitiated, annulled, belittled, dilute, slit, blowhole, sting, fashion, scotch, come forth, estranged, be intimate, egress, moderate, condense, disassociated, accompany, chop off, estrange, hump, halfway, cutlet, compress, unhinge, rutted, pierced, sterilize, Bollywood, detached, yaw, notched, amount, sarcasm, cut down, overturn, skitter, disengage, dropped, jog, backcomb, fill in, traverse, duck, solidus, offence, truant, jazz, burn up, increase, shrunken, strike down, disassociate, bite, contend, omission, shortened, cleave, uncoupled, crevasse, commission, extend, disintegration, slashed, knap, neglect, deal, disjoin, deleted, piece, disrupt, trim, scale down, suppress, cheapen, dwindled, dissolve, uprise, unman, eliminated, annihilated, depreciate, allocated, discount, style, rupture, crisscross, abscess, edit out, blue-pencil, strike, tore, slur, pen name, collapse, disassembled, perforate, shear, bestselling, blast, peg, stricken, fold, dramatize, rationed, turn off, golf shot, bed, shrinkage, trend, celluloid, swing, assigned, Afro, bifurcate, sale, abandoned, annul, bargain, pare, deduction, jilt, make out, helping, rise, shun, tenderloin, dock, vomit, arrangement, gelded, divide, rationalize, chuck out, sterilized, kill off, disarticulated, zoned, cut back, concerto, fragment, brush aside, have intercourse, lash, kink, disregard, chignon, insulated, cuff, call, make do, get up, inch, hop, creative writing, chant, slide, perforated, trail, reduce, exhaust, finely, check, furrow, subdue, cutaway, lose weight, facet, disclaimed, break down, frame, dub, bear, curb, raceway, blow-dry, downgraded, change, disclaim, ejected, cantata, rip, emasculated, block, set, amputate, blackhead, oppugned, go forth, rails, axed, name-calling, cleavage, decline, divided, jive, sunder, coiffure, film, ration, erupt, come, beefsteak, slue, thump, belittle, rejected, dissociated, receded, quash, end, disunity, baton, erase, arc, concentrated, trough, disunite, expurgate, squeeze, material, incise, hack on, deep-six, pruned, fill out.

composite, total, sum, switch on, aggregate, praise, unabridged, rough, undiluted, imperforate, compound, accolade, totality, whole, acclaim, commendation, flattery, turn on, applause, untrimmed, uncut, unmown, compliment, unsheared, increased, unpierced, uncastrated, pool, adulation.

Examples of usage:

1) And Wantele had cut in-" Jane is coming this morning." - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) There is more danger for me in- he cut his words short. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I must have had quite a cut. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.