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Spell check of bar

Correct spelling: bar

stymy, snag, chuck out, standard, rampart, junk, honky-tonk, terminate, rod, deport, divert, classify, excrete, disgorge, metric, obviate, chief justice, mire, gin mill, barrister, avoid, defend, finish, table, cease, the house, mensuration, crop, parapet, denial, taphouse, seep, restriction, carryout, block up, cripple, drain, manacle, fetter, thing, dampen, clerk, backfire, hotel, bullion, streak, excise, clef, attorney general, interference, measuring rod, plug, interrupt, close up, emit, reef, admonish, immobilise, dresser, ward, depress, law, lop, restrict, disallow, exhaust, sustain, last call, flagpole, dining table, arr., proscribe, cull, dramshop, dishearten, occlude, rail, demote, barricade, inhibit, keep from, belch, yardstick, argue, band, stuff, problem, evacuate, beer mat, stop, give up, prevent, disallowance, trammel, shut off, billet, stripe, balk, suspend, bill, run, seal off, club, banding, keep out, coffee table, bloom, forfend, encumber, shed, ct., oust, par, andante, snip, discharge, exile, appellate court, injunction, excluding, guard, stick, pothouse, award, barricado, but, chop, deep-six, jettison, fasten, holdback, inhibition, omit, seal, silence, refuse, benchmark, boom, draw a blank, bottleneck, excommunicate, workbench, rejection, deny, jilt, delay, entrap, renounce, shield, step, coaster, shelter, oppugn, intimidate, rebut, safeguard, court, beat, reject, pole, amount, leave out, strip, grade insignia, hamper, barrier, pass on, choke, block off, hinder, catch, disbar, hindrance, turn out, relegate, embarrassment, saloon, constraint, deter, tribunal, clog, stay, taproom, button, blacksmith, halt, discontinue, grade, choke up, only, shun, sedan, bass clef, fend off, open bar, constipate, break off, shaft, freeze, ignore, shackles, head off, cast out, avatar, bailiff, measuring stick, resist, barometer, impediment, gold standard, arrest, disapprove, barroom, curtail, tap, stripes, refusal, mine shaft, let, quantity, attorney, block, deterrent, prevention, breastwork, beyond, disincline, measure, acquittal, end, detain, kibosh, ginmill, reply, intercept, erupt, forget, burnish, impede, pry, beer garden, bung, thwart, snarl, round, check, stalk, outlaw, snack bar, soap, meter, bench, suppress, exude, answer, measurement, oppress, boot out, debar, drag, control, complicate, open, paralyze, constrain, circuit judge, rib, legal profession, abandon, criterion, tunnel, forum, order, chase, lever, screen, kick downstairs, con amore, charge, burden, stave off, citation, lay off, bubble bath, spar, secrete, bulwark, lamp stand, mark, turn back, blacklist, pub, clip, close off, annul, inconvenience, allegro, foul, desk, suppression, ingot, deflect, watering place, predicament, grogshop, blank out, extradite, help, lug, button bar, bolt, con brio, lounge lizard, ward off, obstruct, anvil, chain, watering hole, cake, board, cut, excepting, cafe, shower gel, clamp down, quit, court of law, session, alehouse, discard, Chinese, kitchen table, evict, discourage, obstacle, vomit, wall, amputate, respond, jam, brewery, decline, vent, disclaim, scrap, parry, uphold, turf out, box, touchstone, derail, blockade, lock out, dive, blockage, mound, handicap, inn, supreme court, patty, console, daunt, bump, ostracize, acquit, nightstand, call for, drift, court-martial, turntable, eliminate, baffle, judicature, last orders, police, bank, preclusion, dissuade, preclude, counter, fend, oppose, curb, support, judiciary, crimp, protect, stem, forbiddance, obturate, checkbox, forbid, traverse, cafeteria, submit, secure, buffet, return, expel, stymie, congest, nightclub, shut out, ostracise, buffer, complication, shear, cabaret, hurdle, take out, bistro, cantina, obstruction, frustrate, stumbling block, leave off, immobilize, cadence, cover, prohibition, impair, cell, disapproval, break, grill, active window, exclude, canteen, chill, measuring, ban, shut, bath salts, entangle, brake, curtailment, crucible, hold on, except, contain, restrain, repudiate, embarrass, staff, tavern, boycott, stop over, blank, circuit court, blip, hamstring, chevron, dam, save, bath oil, disqualify, stake, ribbon, advocate, captain's table, forefend, brasserie, disturb, restraint, cocktail lounge, lather, trash, shoal, retort, spew, Browning automatic rifle, open mike, public house, tangle, expatriate, elevator shaft, avert, cramp, sideboard, bar line, counterattack, prohibit, foam, eradicate, blackball, slab, banish, hold back, remove, tea table, eject, metre, adagio, legal community, restaurant, post.

boost, aberration, thoroughfare, break, way, catalyst, opening, transit, benefit, spur, road, deviation, incentive, handmaiden, help, admittance, abnormality, unbar, aid, stimulus, impetus, stimulant, edge, entrance, passage, goad, advantage, assistance.

Examples of usage:

1) Then he gave a sudden leap and sat down on the bar several yards off. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) When Harry entered the court room in charge of the sheriff, he looked neither to the right nor to the left, and saw no one before him but his own counsel, who arose and extended a friendly hand, and led him to a seat beside himself within the bar. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Meanwhile he is carrying all before him at the Bar, and is as sure of the Bench as though he were on it. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.