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Spell check of air

Correct spelling: air

logical argument, flying, oxygenate, welkin, seam, behavior, sensation, atm, procedure, carry, telephone line, claim, put-on, report, heart, airborne, factor, blues, line of descent, theme, hang up, patina, bluff, post, impersonation, style, puff, railway line, zephyr, cinch, appearance, contrast, channel, business line, glory, pedigree, short letter, institutionalise, emotion, ozone, child's play, direct, oxygenize, speak out, bebop, pose, guile, vent, dividing line, communication channel, line of merchandise, standard pressure, variant, counterfeit, honest, ancestry, trade wind, feeling, bloodline, come out, send off, karma, pronounce on, airflow, melody, aura, job, aureole, pushover, channelise, space, smell, imposture, figure, broadcast, glow, billet, conduct, breed, line, picnic, hang out, shine, fakery, passion, dehumidifier, ceiling, ambiance, address, halo, burner, line of reasoning, ambience, come on, affectedness, institutionalize, oxygenise, gust, artificiality, charade, atmospheric state, aerate, front, composition, commit, duplicity, display, televise, mood, instrumental, foul play, chorus, tone, flavor, firmament, blizzard, activate, channelize, var., spread, rail line, airless, radiate, ozone layer, the biosphere, demarcation, boil, striving, carriage, deception, corruption, jazz, air travel, frame of mind, device, vibration, station, countenance, feel, product line, circularise, breeze, break, dry-clean, standard atmosphere, cover, place, quartet, transmit, crinkle, current, gale, true, temper, pretense, transmission line, gentle wind, central heating, odor, concert, personal line of credit, vista, tactics, harmony, piece of cake, bank line, view, presence, popular, nimbus, whirlwind, disperse, transfer, boiler, phone line, sort, air conditioner, abroad, airy, deceit, nervous strain, look, business, get off, weather, sound off, air conditioning, hurricane, tornado, aria, beam, blood line, stock, pipeline, blast, airwave, argumentation, aerospace, high, aerial, subscriber line, expression, advertize, pretension, show, mien, heaven, falseness, syncopation, way, andante, concerto, method, feelings, denude, diffuse, walkover, air-conditioned, the ionosphere, tempest, state, mental strain, telephone circuit, comportment, line of work, vocalization, ship, imitation, dishonesty, lyric, be, aspect, mannerism, line of credit, score, charge, come off, waft, ventilation, ballad, remark, publicise, distribute, smoke and mirrors, dense, breathable, Chinook, carol, warble, undercurrent, practice, descent, crease, oxygen, semblance, lay, pass around, double-dealing, dry cleaner's, misconduct, spectacle, circulate, aviation, airs, give vent, fashionable, climate, screen, blood, communicate, cable, psalm, serenade, wind, fashion, sonata, squall, send out, chant, gloriole, publicize, tonal pattern, bare, air out, nature, atmosphere, facade, furrow, melodic phrase, snap, impart, credit line, facet, send, ostentation, affectation, straining, ballet, draft, stemma, drip-dry, ditty, occupation, strain, deportment, manner, port, form, argument, cantata, guise, adagio, comment, shape, line of business, nisus, duck soup, convey, a/c, articulate, melodic line, origin, line of products, air power, quality, fraud, component, storm, disseminate, ventilate, cast, denudate, feature, tenor, tune, note, advertise, lullaby, masquerade, hymn, express, blow, assembly line, sky, playacting, bearing, strip, stage, mail, formulate, peculiarity, arrangement, symphony, course, gimmick, wrinkle, act, property, airmanship, cyclone, disguise, atmospheric, propagate, song, character, stress, twister, parentage, dhobi, agate line, transport, forgery, bass, allegro, image, run, lineage, breath, convector, circularize, personal credit line, demeanor, music, pains, production line, aroma.

candor, artlessness, candidness, land, forthrightness, genuineness, straightforwardness, bluntness, sincerity, sea, outspokenness, directness, calm, openheartedness, plainspokenness, frankness, naïveté.

Examples of usage:

1) They kept well up in the air. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) You don't have such air here, I've often heard my father say. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) His air was worn and weary. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.