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Spell check of accept

Correct spelling: accept

look at, take back, charter, relinquish, go for, stick out, have, adjure, tackle, renounce, gestate, verify, get, induce, conclude, take up, consume, wear, proclaim, read, claim, cause, pledge, subscribe, deport, propound, suspect, support, encounter, usurp, gather, knuckle under, vacate, take, cash in, concur, allow, engorge, stimulate, find, direct, necessitate, coincide, give birth, subscribe to, believe, welcome, take to, intromit, put up, ask, occupy, understand, feign, bend, throw, bide, acquiesce, approve, learn, gobble, exact, entrance, pocket, twig, arrogate, testify, ingest, respect, pay, conform, cease, endorse, stand, contract, opinion, get down, brook, corroborate, play, eat, consider, state, profess, get hold of, have got, conduct, acculturate, bless, defer, surrender, unsay, expect, go, shoulder, sanction, possess, abdicate, anglicize, postulate, strike, take in, bring, engage, yield, serve, cede, follow, resign, suppose, withstand, rent, credit, guide, observe, give faith, live with, accord, use up, pronounce, chime with, succumb, withdraw, avouch, contend, receive, bow, assimilate, nod, bear, pick out, empathize, capitulate, stipulate, select, absorb, accede, approbate, abide, countenance, fathom, inspire, reckon, devour, apprehend, acquire, take on, kowtow, abandon, comprehend, go along with, come by, declare, think, hire, affirm, lease, get together, demand, favor, maintain, sham, remove, swallow up, acquit, buy out, tolerate, let, acceptance, access, require, put on, consent, meet, assure, lead, catch, give, embrace, belong to, assume, presume, deliver, adhere, discontinue, savvy, agree to, sign up, have a bun in the oven, compass, authenticate, call for, experience, let in, immerse, communal, disclaim, take up on, bury, imagine, suffer, behave, see, drive, authorize, answer for, comply, deal, fill, claim back, train, hope, genuflect, inhale, trust, digest, own, appropriate, harmonize, need, make out, dig, obtain, recover, cave, assert, aver, confirm, condone, earn, get into, from, gain, endure, eat up, shoot, monetize, contain, comport, yes, attest, pack, reject, permit, fancy, study, inaugurate, buy up, derive, express, hold, take away, assent, sense, assimilation, put faith in, repeat, set down, promise, stomach, turn out, ken, seize, deem, grasp, acknowledge, choose, go over to, absorption, take for granted, apply, buy, adopt, community, accredit, carry, aim, cooperate, certify, allow in, sustain, handle, take over, collect, recognize, simulate, co-opt, submit, ratify, borrow, conceive, terminate, speak for, fulfill, judge, lump, birth, care, convey, film, surmise, hack, feature, agree, try for, involve, underwrite, admission, make, include, take aim, warrant, accommodate, dues, validate, believe in, sweat out, relieve, obey, retire, undertake, recommend, admit, gulp, OK, don, combine.

refrain, depreciate, misdoubt, dodge, deprecate, mistrust, back off, hold off, withstand, dispute, disclaim, retract, loathe, forbear, negative, contest, suspect, disown, differ, disbelieve, disallow, renounce, miss, unsay, distrust, disavow, avoid, detour, backtrack, disparage, doubt, contradict, abjure, decline, dislike, fight, detest, mind, abstain, repudiate, bypass, criticize, dismiss, back down, object, abandon, frown, question, recant, disapprove, forsake, surrender, refuse, turn down, take back, censure, combat, give up, evade, condemn, veto, dissent, protest, spurn, escape, reprehend, hate, demur, denounce, resist, reject, blacklist, withdraw, reprobate, challenge, pass up, oppose, circumvent, disagree, abnegate, deny, contend, disfavor, discountenance, discredit, elude, relinquish.

Examples of usage:

1) We have to accept each other for the best there is in us, I take it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) But if we don't accept them, the things between don't matter; it's all right and fair. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) And are we to accept them? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.