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Spell check of down

Correct spelling: down

good deal, go down, garbage down, set down, stay down, coldcock, falling, capital, behind, peck, oncoming, airlift, current, shine, swell, declining, bunk, across, bank, downwards, descend, fine, overmaster, surmount, at cost, beard, under, number one, go across, lowered, glum, captain, downgrade, prime, worst, stellar, complicate, grim, raft, unsound, desolate, low-level, guttle, ingest, humble, belt down, overturn, complete, melancholy, blue, green, dump, superior, away, laid up, health, heavenly, mint, dander, saddened, superlative, finished, concluded, raze, squander, big money, fourfold, graduated, overthrow, slew, immense, along, hangdog, trashed, wipe out, stilt, superb, spiritless, unfit, smoothen, nap, follow through, heartsick, crunch, terrific, throw, boss, bundle, phat, checkmate, devour, bring down, first-rate, slack, nonfunctional, birthright, into, top-shelf, fell, A-OK, metabolise, feather, put through, cumulation, grassland, tip-top, dash off, poor, discomfit, gathering, stamp out, plummet, heartsore, cannibalize, flawed, camouflage, disconsolate, miserable, brag, fall, overcome, come down, unhealthy, down feather, radical, chalk something up, defeat, fragile, peachy, peaky, champ, strike down, come out, cut back, crackerjack, best-of-breed, shovel in, woebegone, claimant, drop, ailing, sickened, supernal, punk, active, before, perfect, about, absorb, dewlap, polish, brokenhearted, round, elaborate, retail, heath, keen, downed, bequeath, heavy-hearted, trim, first-class, vanquish, heartbroken, battered, bully, level, tear, attack, upset, case-sensitive, fantabulous, metabolize, topping, trim down, malfunctioning, use up, rock bottom, over with, first refusal, eat up, master, take, infectious, drink, gizzard, bug out, all, gobble up, spile, out-of-sight, concede, fabulous, wistful, pull down, vote down, numero uno, chomp, prize, trim back, tackle, crush, cut, comb, exponential, subdued, inoperative, clickable, freemium, mess, stack, bed down, hype, bowed, five-star, choice, knock down, beautiful, frontline, spate, bad, felled, downwardly, nonoperating, low, bang-up, clockwise, backward, agglomerate, prostrate, smooth, land, protrude, crest, sad, noble, top, plunge, homesick, trailing, brush up, slash, lower, coat, gangbusters, great, aggregate, depressed, subject, shot, experience, outside, nonfunctioning, have, down pat, pass, shoot down, reduce, thrash, retired, failing, dejected, downhearted, subjugate, atomic reactor, downbound, moorland, happy, bring, unhappy, crestfallen, peachy keen, big bucks, heap, rarify, shore, slipping, bleak, exhausted, cut down, downwind, fine-tune, sick, brush, past, course, hit, collar, marvelous, compatibility, against, subdue, high-class, heavyhearted, direct, John L. H. Down, famous, worse, cool, faulty, slow, mass, ware, pile, digest, back, comedown, top-flight, implement, restrained, drink down, flock, wrecked, conquer, voltaic pile, woeful, downward, up, follow up, set ashore, assimilate, apart, depleted, bill, bolt down, sluggish, mail order, eddy, tidy sum, obliterate, assist, meadow, subnormal, ditch, cushion, tristful, great deal, wholesale, chain reactor, fab, set, cast down, mickle, A1, downfield, put down, four-star, inferior, batch, advancing, eject, peaked, work through, gloomy, compatible, eastbound, resting, upward, by, sinking, low-spirited, lovely, fractional, sunken, curl up, thrown, open market, rise, headlong, gilt-edged, mound, brave, ahead, after, go through, mournful, lea, nifty, top-of-the-line, dysphoric, cracking, climb, topple, dynamite, ebb, armour, sorrowful, wizard, deal, sensational, bottom, anymore, fantastic, boffo, slip, classic, pop up, exoskeleton, eat, mow, run through, wad, flop, rectify, smash, blue-chip, armor, pig, hatful, moor, divine, tweak, collapse, broken, start, megabucks, take in, buck, ill, unsurpassed, blast, below, calibrate, off, deadlock, atomic pile, slick, sorry, polish up, terminated, waste, asynchronous, joyless, hunker down, run-down, ingestion, first-string, bumper, flow, graduate, frail, see, field, unwell, fallen, overpower, come into, choke down, gone, beak, vote out, dull, maelstrom, cumulus, descending, burn, pour down, carry out, drip, jim-dandy, increase, poorly, despondent, sterling, par excellence, ended, bequest, bulge, prizewinning, round off, rase, lowly, kaput, primo, cut out, deplete, muckle, sight, mean, droopy, cockscomb, wonderful, charge, cut off, around, downs, antivirus, done, ascending, skyward, soft, dandy, mastered, through, forlorn, inconsolable, cross-country, bolt, fling off, paddock, follow out, take down, melancholic, beat, demolish, pop out, righteous, plenty, accumulative, grand, underneath, galvanic pile, left, rout, trip, bonny, toss off, counterclockwise, bursty, out, floor, down in the mouth, bogof, corking, knock off, pop, downcast, come to, wretched, deck, completed, beneficiary, lay, over, homeward, quite a little, quality, top-notch, shoot, raven, bite, neat, buzz, cuddle up, banner, in, splendid, forward, beyond, mountain, flush, awesome, lot, indisposed, downfall, bouncy, exhaust, passel, refine, overmatch, tear down, crop up, dispirited, onward, out of order, doleful, consume, bulge out, downstairs, piling, hot, win, backward-compatible, push down, bury, knock out, come down to, growing, descent, dismantle, groovy, blue-ribbon.

excited, careless, rising, bouncing, lively, lighthearted, skyward, wholesome, usable, operative, whole, leading, conditioned, beaming, tough, laughing, sprouted, upbound, boon, unfinished, pathetic, rehabilitated, peppy, lusty, dormie, incomplete, jocose, vile, elevated, up, euphoric, execrable, fit, hopeful, blooming, satisfied, succumb, happy-go-lucky, ahead, lightsome, optimistic, frisky, poor, undone, healthy, hearty, exhilarated, viable, rotten, serving, second-class, healthful, exuberant, buoyant, cavalier, gladdened, overjoyed, unconcerned, surrender, retire, mending, well-conditioned, middling, gleeful, fail, running, imperfect, vital, fly, hale, uncompleted, awful, inferior, recovering, sprightly, insouciant, dormy, spirited, terrible, zippy, ecstatic, high, thriving, ascending, rugged, jocund, unsatisfactory, low-grade, joyful, upwardly, jubilant, useful, risen, cured, pleased, uplifted, operable, productive, continuing, capitulate, jovial, in the lead, second-rate, effective, merry, performing, sound, raised, able-bodied, joyous, rapturous, functioning, strong, animated, mediocre, sanguine, springy, sunny, energetic, operational, better, forfeit, wretched, mirthful, glad, producing, stalwart, lose, heartened, workable, content, substandard, thrilled, cheerful, upwards, devil-may-care, jaunty, employable, vivacious, gladsome, flush, grinning, delighted, effectual, upfield, blithe, upward, smiling, recuperating, flourishing, working, aweigh, submit, retreat, happy, lifted, rosy, safe, fall, robust, perky, gratified, yield, upbeat, heavenward, elated, buoyed, operant, resign, hardy, ongoing, chipper, entranced, enraptured, encouraged, cede, blissful, easygoing, exultant, lousy, sprightful, functional, rhapsodic, convalescing, carefree, atrocious, bad, cheery, jocular, blithesome, jolly, improved, well, operating.

Examples of usage:

1) Down, down he went! - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) " Jane," he said, " let us come and sit down for a moment. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) " Sit down, Willie," my father said. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.