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Spell check of crimp

Correct spelling: crimp

barrier, frustrate, bar, impasse, pilfer, work, catch, nobble, crease, encumbrance, interfere with, hurdle, shackles, cabbage, bending, hold back, vellicate, shut off, snag, block, faithful, swipe, condition, frizz, filch, detain, gather, sheepfold, restrain, entrap, corrugation, plica, burden, frustration, bafflement, pucker, crepe, abstract, handicap, cut into, hair curler, obstruction, hamper, manacle, stamp out, blister, curl, paralyze, breakage, curler, squeeze, tuck, mire, cornrow, embarrassment, barbershop, restrict, brake, entangle, creese, roller, reshape, seam, fold, impedance, interrupt, obstruct, tweet, crook, chip, interference, complication, stop, flail, foul, tangle, congregation, suppress, thwart, cramp, crape, impair, braid, drag, holdback, blow-dry, break, crimper, backcomb, curb, constraint, bottleneck, shape, chisel, crumple, rimple, double, jam, congest, purloin, damper, curve, wave, kris, inhibition, flection, hindrance, cut, frizzle, bend dexter, snarl, kill off, line, blockade, rumple, flexion, clog, stay, deterrent, stoppage, trammel, disadvantage, impede, resist, obstacle, set, entrapment, comb out, drill, encumber, chain, balk, pinch, top, let, sheepcote, squeeze out, flock, kink up, chop, restriction, open up, corrugate, ripple, wrinkle, form, furrow, blemish, lift, bruise, dam, bung, delay, cripple, crinkle, choke, constipation, entanglement, straighten, pleating, congestion, smooth, resistance, inhibit, hinder, burnout, plug, oppose, chip away, opposition, stumbling block, interruption, coil, deform, blight, folding, constipate, hook, drawback, pleat, blockage, bend, flexure, file, snarf, restraint, chase, sheep pen, counter, infold, hamstring, twist, card, turn, constrain, sneak, twitch, comb, fetter, impediment, baffle, twinge, deter, kink, burn, check, plication, complicate.

spur, stimulant, benefit, aid, goad, help, advantage, incentive, break, impetus, edge, handmaiden, catalyst, boost, stimulus, assistance.

Examples of usage:

1) H'm- this puts rather a crimp in Little's plans- I'll see him to- morrow. - "Sisters", Kathleen Norris.

2) To most men, it might be, their fate played the crimp; they followed the marsh- fires out into just such a blind waste as this through which he and his men were groping- darkness above and below; darkness before, behind, to right, to left; darkness of birth, of death, and only the palpable fog between. - "Major Vigoureux", A. T. Quiller-Couch.

3) He would put a crimp in me every time. - "The Woman in Black", Edmund Clerihew Bentley.