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Spell check of put

Correct spelling: put

grade, place, dedicate, coiffe, disgorge, rove, send, fine, copy down, regularize, designate, declare, roll, amaze, rise, come in, interact, frame up, rig, phrase, put together, write, declaim, clothe, fit, lead, tell, save, shed, embedded, roam, impose, puke, couch, situate, retch, draw, rank, risk, practice, throw away, throw off, frame in, aim, pose, conjecture, lay up, record, fix up, accommodate, wager, spew, mould, border, fixed, conform, lay in, ensconce, jell, salt away, stood, localise, vex, sick, come out, purge, tack together, play, index, bet, air, station, indue, locate, gear up, balance, honk, chorus, effect, bring out, knock, format, consecrate, empower, positioned, put option, precise, found, ordinate, perpetrate, sign in, vomit up, seat, pile, figure, mold, stake, stupefy, assign, mark, ready, posted, flummox, initiated, invest, install, haul off, induct, go up, cast off, drop, put across, hit, order, wander, adjust, upchuck, catalog, set out, fashion, articulate, target, call, give, reference, express, implant, hurl, tailor, over, put up, mystify, inserted, ensconced, installed, located, arrange, get down, range, correct, bring, raise, ventilate, punch, go under, regorge, establish, identify, deliver, illustrate, rate, affect, piece, posture, point, placed, get, dumbfound, estimate, effectuate, post, confide, rear, pinpoint, entrust, position, situated, localize, stage, limit, gravel, fix, adorn, ramble, word, puzzle, come, shepherd, discover, regularise, launch, unearthed, instal, throw, site, hurtle, bang, personate, sign up, stick, build in, devote, set down, note, root, cast, ensnare, escort, coiffure, arrogate, explain, stray, initiate, instated, compose, direct, vest, repose, charge, formulate, stationed, enumerate, extend, exact, contrive, levy, take effect, waitlist, detail, stand, enthrone, drive, transcribe, be sick, entrap, obligation, interpret, embed, set apart, put down, depose, register, vomit, tack, words, construct, approximate, suit, venture, throw up, strike, planted, chirp, gamble, edit, judge, pinpointed, state, gambling, quarter, thump, settle, ask, determine, tabulate, countersink, grafted, lay, attribute, redact, perplex, set by, dictate, show, go down, do, coif, guess, graft, define, prepare, vagabond, chuck, suppose, construe, conduct, run through, erect, trust, draw up, cat, unearth, say, lay by, nonplus, endow, lay out, go, condition, present, smash, insert, institutionalize, shape, make, discovered, translate, project, commit, acclimatize, govern, frame, acclimate, reckon, congeal, specify, batter, enjoin, vent, assemble, bewilder, ascribe, find, institutionalise, sit, connected, delegate, dispose, impute, endue, allot, typeset, beat, assess, mouth, impersonate, regurgitate, connect, lay away, rooted, pull, build, spot, established, baffle, fructify, calculate, shake off, willing, render, intrust, regulate, model, walk, set up, dress, spue, sic, ordain, prescribe, emplace, pitch, instate, swan, depute, pant, keep, spotted, gift, lay aside, clarify, doctor, portion, gasp out, implanted, drift, plant, put in, gauge, impact, set.

diminish, supplant, pardon, abate, disregard, release, replace, forgive, condone, lessen, displace, call option, measure, calibrate, gloss, banish, scale, call, divest, remit, ignore, excuse, supersede, dislodge, remove, gloze, relocate, work out, misadjust, take, compute.

Examples of usage:

1) And he said unto them, He put clay upon mine eyes, and I washed, and do see. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) We'll put it in another way, Athena. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) I'll put on a few more turf. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.