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Spell check of act

Correct spelling: act

mo, cause, civil liberties, present, encounter, star, incite, dress, dally, fleck, bring out, show, make a motion, phone number, amendment, engender, dissemblance, typify, decree, perpetrate, spiel, tour, code, do work, undertake, effect, human action, performance, aim, constitution, bull, issue, performing arts, title, procedure, modus operandi, spot, constitute, introduction, clown, labor, flake, contract, playacting, pose, sour, cloak, flirt, guile, accomplishment, succeed, perform, scheme, measure, dishonesty, facade, lick, endeavor, bring, thing, spell, go, practise, execute, comprise, mould, doing, campaign, transaction, map, work on, puzzle out, fare, civil rights, drive, comic, numeral, mask, attempt, forge, denouement, roleplay, mime, act upon, serve, run, compensate, enterprise, strike, displace, hazard, bit, Costa, crop, provoke, commit, claim, deed of conveyance, front, cast, subprogram, cultivate, airs, make up, commonwealth, artiste, coiffure, dissemble, influence, minute, action, induce, summons, interlude, relieve, judgment, legislation, booking, shape, identification number, bylaw, affectation, react, characterize, pantomime, assize, execution, symbolise, subpoena, dramatize, motion, feign, diddle, operation, skit, symbolize, venture, function, wreak, transact, consummation, turning, edict, force, assay, human activity, manage, give way, clause, writ, accord, playact, chip, actuate, double-dealing, stage, moment, curtain raiser, make, change, exertion, maneuver, improvise, civil law, monologue, bill, course, document, bet, commune, achievement, acrobat, the Corn Belt, statute, pretense, good turn, produce, ordinance, locomote, profess, fiddle, law, canton, practice, movement, behave, toy, impress, take on, the Cotton Belt, conduct, round, misconduct, finale, routine, prompt, play, do, treat, supersede, work, act as, form, aside, command performance, bend, ad-lib, bout, engage, toil, get along, portray, engineer, costar, backstory, get, guise, passage, comedian, corruption, enforce, burlesque, epilogue, ferment, piece, choreograph, give rise to, simulation, bring about, solve, case law, deception, propel, move, go about, make believe, guess, prologue, replace, charade, proceed, generate, coiffe, curtain, conjurer, affect, suffice, understudy, interact, volunteer, mold, bear, order, draw, activity, verdict, appear, process, lay out, second, operate, duplicity, interpret, double feature, originate, recreate, feat, scrap, demonstration, double for, comedienne, lex, carry, inspire, proposal, true, appearance, proceeding, set, foul play, subroutine, comport, honest, motivate, artist, sham, exploit, approach, evoke, take effect, masquerade, debut, Cape Cod, portrayal, conform, make out, put, pursue, crook, pretend, be active, turn of events, deed, carry out, figure out, enactment, figure, content, initiate, smoke and mirrors, coif, number, work out, correspond, put-on, put to work, travel, the Bible Belt, meet, display, turn, defend, disguise, colonia, comic relief, acting, telephone number, elicit, sketch, take, commitment, shtick, twist, deport, be, answer, deceit, wager, make for, scene, substitute, knead, trifle, double bill, arrange, overact, contrivance, renew, exercise, bite, characterization, enact, acquit, represent, morsel, stand for, semblance, come, impact, swap, officiate, personation, exemplify.

endurance, frankness, forthrightness, straightforwardness, quiescence, quiet, naïveté, sincerity, higher law, inactivity, outspokenness, inertia, suspension, deliberation, passion, cessation, forbear, plainspokenness, refrain, openheartedness, genuineness, bluntness, directness, candidness, artlessness, suffering, immobility, rest, candor, inaction.

Examples of usage:

1) And this was the least of it, that in this act He became a public and marked character. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) He put his arm tenderly about the trembling little form, and the act brought the tears and he thought her softened. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Yes, he must act. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.