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Spell check of force

Correct spelling: force

team, potency, might, manpower, workforce, basis, gouge, push back, squash, sling, magnetize, army, promote, finest, troops, labor, fierceness, invigorate, force-out, office, powerfulness, run, aggregation, troupe, battalion, sway, baron, pep, furiousness, authority, bevy, nest, describe, grasp, hug, mogul, mandate, jog, fleet, pass, crew, index, shoot, ram, squelch, king, precedence, empower, thread, tweet, constabulary, effect, herd, mash, forces, wildness, ride, take out, tycoon, bring about, force back, mastery, military unit, vigor, constrict, forte, poke, effervescence, recharge, displume, enduringness, sprightliness, credential, lunge, influence, get out, provoke, snap, drive, soldiers, goad, troop, coerce, willpower, fermentation, cadre, rend, flock, outfit, company, pull, compunction, core, repertoire, tug, fling, convincingness, military strength, fury, jampack, organization, body, magnate, rank, zing, heave, contingent, upshot, right, cabal, business leader, cause, strong point, pitch, crowd, duress, junta, enforce, string, fight, take in, stimulus, budget, fellowship, personnel office, stature, move, pool, faction, knock, pull in, take, activate, determinant, fund, advertize, posture, propel, reap, array, point, essence, sop up, ferocity, bunch, superpower, soak up, give rise to, compact, ability, withdraw, cart, chock up, inspire, persuasiveness, power, affect, birthright, take up, thrust, fraternity, domination, attack, platoon, entitlement, energize, storm, title, disembowel, advertise, military capability, encourage, draw out, fervor, crush, crusade, get, depict, ferment, factor, strength, puff, line, pound, man, contract, execute, wing, make, elicit, motive, gang, draw, extract, sinew, primacy, strike, event, specialty, gumption, foment, staff, effectuation, arm-twisting, steam, hive, inspiration, covey, colony, stuff, forcefulness, puissance, major power, litter, drag, commission, prerogative, muscle, perpetrate, faculty, competence, overstretch, jostle, embrace, revive, origination, spunk, hurtle, execution, detachment, persistence, induce, originate, prepotency, soldiery, hasten, lob, heat, over, party, unit, energy, rage, act, ramp, zip, military posture, fire, draw off, long suit, enfranchisement, privilege, club, imbibe, intensity, restraint, pull back, provocation, aim, stimulate, engender, top executive, coercion, sovereignty, absorb, spark, urge, command, lodge, mainspring, verve, legions, zeal, circle, vivacity, seniority, extort, pressure, great power, exponent, pull up, world power, rouse, inventory, posse, retinue, stamina, drove, shove, speciality, wring, control, hurl, clan, generation, punch, produce, division, hale, fomentation, motivator, get-up-and-go, tribe, go, metier, catapult, prestige, campaign, deplume, impel, stock, eviscerate, coalition, nudge, society, agitate, repel, surprise, burden, police force, delineate, evocation, staff office, labour, pierce, league, impression, consequence, determination, personnel department, impact, pinch, reservoir, vehemence, empowerment, efficacy, gist, vim, rive, push, military force, draw and quarter, ring, evoke, goading, suck up, violence, impotence, ram down, purview, phalanx, mightiness, armament, cram, union, prompting, multitude, activity, action, dominance, charge, pack, root for, wedge, mob, corps, magnetism, enforcement, superiority, source, detail, grounds, entice, crash, compress, peppiness, rip, cast, complement, push up, beat back, prompt, weight, caucus, effectiveness, kingship, wad, induction, blackmail, enticement, prod, launch, compulsion, bosom, assembly, firepower, twinge, instigate, haul, conclusiveness, constraint, bump, generate, animation, elicitation, root, press, persuasion, impulsion, squeeze, trace, jam, squad, lastingness, tear, regiment, stimulation, trigger, draw in, bear on, potence, tie, rack, throw, military group, help, intensity level, jolt, group, oppression, foul play, weakness, motor, deplumate, strong, issue, big businessman, quarter, durability, repulse, military, pull out, engineer, horsepower, guide, result, pluck, commit, capability, twitch, assemblage, outcome, vitality, set, catalyst, suasiveness, clique, license, labor force, stick, clout, repercussion, collection, sect, attract, personnel, cell, cogency, strong suit, school, host, coterie, spirit, blackjack, band, efficiency, brigade, oomph, propulsion, motivate, fuzz.

impotency, inefficaciousness, nonviolence, consent, agreement, convincing, permission, persuasion, pull, incapacity, inaptitude, ineffectiveness, inability, incapableness, disability, invalidity, reason, suasion, ineffectuality, draw, powerlessness, feebleness, unsoundness, inconclusiveness, incompetency, weakness, approval, paralysis, pacifism, impotence, inefficacy, uselessness, ineffectualness, shakiness, incapability, helplessness, incompetence, push.

Examples of usage:

1) You must cut it out of your testimony unless they force it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Sure he only does what he's ordered; and it's breaking his heart it is to do them cruel things they force him to. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) He had to force the words out. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.