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Spell check of fire

Correct spelling: fire

nurture, fling, air conditioning, floor lamp, recruit, invigorate, eagerness, raise, blast, energize, chivy, potency, fervor, passion, floodlight, feverishness, absquatulate, let off, holocaust, cycle, ack-ack, klieg light, jog, go off, shove, burning, china clay, dismissal, bring up, animate, rouse, heat, dismission, poke, vim, expel, push aside, provocation, curtain, fervency, star, squirt, vivacity, activate, flak, grow, lay off, dehumidifier, bump, catalyst, warm, genius, empty, demand, exchange, searchlight, excitement, lift, electrification, vigor, displace, evoke, ardency, shooting, fervidness, come off, beacon, good time, give the sack, hot, ferment, intenseness, trigger, depose, cannonade, pilot light, spunk, propel, cover, inquire, interrogate, charge, broil, effervescence, prove, stimulate, torridness, turn on, desk light, ease out, hearth, toss, fire off, excite, harry, braise, swelter, sling, brush aside, bite, glow, enhance, excitation, awake, fermentation, good, parch, furor, open up, ignite, scorch, exhilaration, electrify, ack-ack gun, lantern, bang, upgrade, spotlight, pension off, apprise, ceramics, burner, set down, kick upstairs, tungsten lamp, elicit, chevy, push, discount, flame, disregard, glitter, grill, squeeze out, force, feelings, neon light, clear, plan of attack, wake, spot, convector, cook, evict, beam, table lamp, eruption, inferno, flare-up, drop, dismiss, encourage, drive out, induce, stew, agitate, boiler, sear, foment, waken, gunfire, magnetism, assoil, enkindle, passionateness, send packing, go, dash, verve, complete, bombardment, flick, jostle, wind up, muster out, suggest, white heat, fever, agitation, rout out, rear, go up, question, open fire, educe, shunt, arouse, mercury-vapor lamp, oil lamp, sting, energise, brace, pyre, impassion, spark, concern, lighting, sacking, parent, fomentation, prompt, usher out, ardour, fluorescent light, fire fight, hurl, strike, kindle, instigate, gleam, lob, net, torch, launch, potter's wheel, incandescent light, onslaught, plunder, propulsion, ignore, flak catcher, prod, cut, arousal, precipitate, perk up, flaming, snap, incinerate, disquietude, brilliancy, flack catcher, illuminator, inflammation, unload, thrust, harass, notify, ask, emotion, pelt, pep, heighten, punch, bolt, project, advise, flashlight, crowd out, retire, clap, might, free, move, promote, cauterize, burn down, enticement, onset, impel, bake, sparkle, hurtle, pitch, liberation, stir, scintillation, sack up, approach, gust, paint a picture, brush off, abscond, acquit, air conditioner, ignition, conjure, exhaust, gouge, bowl, incandesce, headlight, make off, spontaneous combustion, flare, singe, lamp, jack-o'-lantern, put down, burn, brilliance, dissolve, produce, exonerate, knock, apprize, engagement, idle, come alive, parboil, goading, onrush, conflagrate, a/c, fight, char, combust, explosion, friendly fire, knead, calefaction, enthusiasm, send word, roast, urge, firing, impulsion, scald, chuck, goad, discharge, load, attack, antiaircraft gun, boil, fuel, put up, end, fervour, magnetize, conflagration, prompting, bonfire, entice, motive, strength, tone-beginning, pay off, zip, nudge, finish, fluoresce, energy, pottery, puissance, wildfire, shot, slip, get up, violence, release, hasten, upraise, give the axe, intensity, warmth, disturb, can, resurrect, radiate, turbulence, mood, stimulation, call down, zealousness, pom-pom, toast, attentiveness, firestorm, activity, power, chevvy, eject, hassle, temper, moon, exhilarate, induction, antiaircraft, run off, luminosity, shoot, glint, catapult, fry, report, facilitation, incandescence, disquiet, bam, attempt, erect, grind, blaze, conjure up, sensation, terminate, levy, radiance, cease, shine, kindling, draw out, scintillate, throw out, drive, burn off, light, fusillade, revive, invoke, crossfire, flood, barrage, send away, cauterise, cross, ardor, air-conditioned, kiln, throw, cut out, give notice, central heating, zing, dispatch, recharge, stamina, salvo, bombing, zeal, moonbeam, kick up, simmer, give the gate, detonation, empower, arc lamp, candle, decamp, implode, temperature, awaken, put forward, burst, interview, chivvy, vehemence, tin, animation, give the bounce, aim, elevate, firing off, inspiration, leaven, frame of mind, flash, inflame, go over, light bulb, cast, wake up, air, spirit, burn up, gauntlet, cant, heave, extract, probe, backfire, elan, provoke, potter, undercurrent, pink slip, sunburn, stop, flack, spray, beset, sun, combustion, advance, call forth, drop off, exculpate, preempt, put to, poach, anxiety, set up, illuminate, motivate, jolt, crucible, compulsion, drive-by, inspire, ordeal, street lamp, blow, barbecue, heart, force out, volley, ram, sack, plague, farm, taper, compel, bunt.

coolness, taciturnity, insensitivity, aloofness, engage, phlegm, stiffness, hire, composure, insensibility, employ, coldness, insensibleness, calmness, impassiveness, apathy, stoicism, chilliness, frigidity, reservedness, indifference, frigidness, stoniness, dryness, reticence, impassivity, reserve, woodenness, insensitiveness, unconcern, collectedness.

Examples of usage:

1) The balloon was on fire! - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I shall try and read for a while by the fire. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) The fire died out. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.