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Spell check of can

Correct spelling: can

grass, chamberpot, jakes, hatful, used to, stern, shtup, shall, female genitalia, pitcher, wallet, locoweed, mass, disregard, whoremaster, move, earth-closet, underside, refrigeration, nominate, conserve, ladle, quarter, cask, groundwork, porta potty, quick-freeze, guardroom, tush, flowerpot, offer, gage, give the bounce, crumb, brush off, kitty, bog, prat, nates, plunder, pail, usher out, erect, washstand, put forward, butt end, stool, pouch, drum, commode, depose, hind end, buttock, bowlful, stinkpot, layabout, fire, rat, the slammer, pokey, stinker, send word, throne, quod, repository, squeeze out, weed, elicit, embalm, laughingstock, abide, haunches, sight, kindle, open fire, give notice, bread bin, rear, flash-freeze, must, derriere, pile, pink-slip, boot, substructure, rouse, rout out, lavatory, potty, hams, endure, mummification, flask, should, do-nothing, library, may, buttocks, merchant ship, give the gate, quite a little, stooge, ampoule, tail end, freeze, surely, bottomland, flush toilet, deal, hunkers, force out, vault, jackpot, cooler, stomach, cookie jar, outhouse, discharge, saucer, dry, washroom, croup, post, idler, flock, put-up, suitcase, tray, arouse, shadow, storage, irradiate, rear-end, cigarette, chiffonier, water closet, fuel, posterior, embalming, bay window, back, ease out, washbowl, jail, target, domiciliate, cannister, caddy, tummy, notify, sewer, provoke, keister, back end, bastille, potentiometer, ordure, tail assembly, chest, pocket, hold, get, base, foundation, stir, mickle, slam, stick out, throw out, bounce, raise, drop, sens, hopper, raft, funnily enough, bottom of the inning, git, decanter, understructure, fundament, nooky, trunk, heap, stop, prison, lav, wad, cashier, jailhouse, tooshie, tidy sum, enkindle, slew, house of correction, undoubtedly, canister, good deal, place, penitentiary, sanctuary, bottle, comfort station, nick, consumption, actually, set up, toilette, bridewell, cheeks, tank, ought, rump, bed, container, jug, mess, latrine, brook, whoremonger, bin, smoke, digest, faeces, sack, shelf, go off, roll in the hay, tolbooth, coolbox, closet, discount, loafer, facilities, give the axe, crapper, privy, trick, brig, clear, burn, provide, behind, freighter, thunder mug, screwing, keep, stockade, could, Baggie, squirt, fecal matter, box, can buoy, lockup, breech, apprise, lot, support, cake, send packing, faecal matter, bucket, feces, stub, bladder, ignore, reservoir, terminate, gouge, calaboose, bite, tail, petrify, cornerstone, preserve, cheek, passel, crowd out, pay off, head, belly, slammer, duff, after part, mountain, case, john, ax, net, archive, undersurface, cannot, atomic number 50, back tooth, c., seat, cake tin, foot, crib, plenty, spate, breadbox, release, preservation, conservation, bath, backside, scum bag, locker, cloakroom, burn down, canful, basis, bank, coop, bowl, cure, preempt, heinie, big house, homogenize, rotter, empennage, end, potbelly, dehydration, great deal, tin can, cabinet, clink, cupboard, house, evict, hock, brush aside, convenience, coffin nail, restroom, aerosol, crate, drive out, apprize, evoke, basket, refrigerate, bear, sess, free, so-and-so, push aside, sack up, tin, dejection, receptacle, gutter, cup, booty, retire, piece of ass, croupe, pen, dirty dog, cease, muckle, lay off, finish, shadower, dissolve, merchantman, barrel, hindquarters, washbasin, eject, peck, give the sack, caboose, advise, bum, WC, fanny, butt joint, potful, hoosegow, piece of tail, batch, holder, stand, corporation, dismiss, send away, tolerate, purse, freezing, green goddess, pension off, female genital organ, might, dehydrate, mummify, suffer, vat, loo, atomizer, asylum, displace, bag, marinate, goat, fag end, jar, puke, package, mint, female genitals, buns, magazine, bottom, stack, crock, basin, bathroom, drawer, contribute, skunk, cigaret.

engage, hire, must not, outside, employ, may not.

Examples of usage:

1) But what can we do about it? - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Miss Anstey you can see. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) And what do you think we can do? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.