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Spell check of head

Correct spelling: head

query, bassinet, faculty, change, brewery, decimal point, boss, backwater, point, tribal chief, item, end, motion, kick, head teacher, cutting edge, castor, exigency, authority, guide on, theme, primary, inquiry, breaker point, first, crown, overseer, mandarin, drumhead, heading, corral, foresight, mastermind, tip, detail, butterfly nut, boil, brewer, topic, walk, conduce, ruler, lather, headmistress, stop, athlete's foot, employer, chieftain, prime, passing game, fret, direct, conduct, headland, bucks, fling, nous, division, cattle prod, hook, squire, wellspring, spike, transport, luff, take, offer, principal sum, orient, school principal, liberty chit, hippie, summit, complete, draw, oral sex, judgment, passing play, ideal, sit, dictator, senior, bedsore, instinct, headmaster, passing, bill, bow, corner, master, thinker, notch, compass point, gallery, full point, ingenuity, dribble, cap, bespeak, educator, point in time, occupy, headroom, bedhead, crate, pass, sire, belief, flip, crossroad, bridge, key, gunpoint, quartermaster, rivet, executive, caput, leader, repoint, autocrat, bellows, read/write head, foreman, promontory, acme, confines, bean, blackhead, interrogative, interrogation, decide, power point, supereminent, proposition, address, manoeuvre, level, channel, wit, genius, strait, get, abbot, headless, proprietress, lead, bedstead, banknote, line up, cover, back, govern, toss, commanding, organize, fix, fountainhead, maneuver, pour out, soul, crest, star, steer, blemish, figurehead, annotate, exigence, matter, mother, psyche, catgut, bedside, air bed, block, taper, chair, pate, headman, nail, bevel, whirl, cork, signal, origin, blister, brainiac, bottom, strike at, scalp, brainpower, send, result, train, manage, carry on, dean, encephalon, of import, dairy, Lord, taskmaster, mind, moderate, corpus, extend, play, lie, vanguard, base on balls, headteacher, cascade, bearing, landlord, distributor point, mahatma, exist, commandant, cataract, draft, talent, commitment, theory, commander, proprietor, target, noddle, fill out, top dog, smash, brim, hammer, headway, suds, cut, idea, headspring, bedroll, bight, organise, show, mentality, gray matter, instructor, apex, lintel, doubt, thought, turn, progress, leading, high, bolt, directing, premier, coach, start, brain, cow town, designate, date, foot, administrator, bye, head word, poll, transmit, look after, copper, headline, leg, calculate, enshrine, watch over, mountain pass, supervise, peak, bear, climacteric, indicate, guide, move, walk on, turning point, dot, words, operate, straits, fill in, transfer, sharpen, brew, gaffer, principal, dealer, judgement, froth, freshen, dowel, ability, cranial, principle, foremost, fixture, well, caster, honcho, backdate, presiding, concept, maestro, dip, captain, headword, stand, preside, landlady, queue, cash, channelise, pin, runner, over, president, shoot, percentage point, knock, engineer, damper, body, aptitude, coin, foam, laissez passer, forge ahead, superintendent, cranium, enforcer, kingpin, precede, set, demagogue, manager, philosophy, caption, take aim, belong, bayou, governor, issue, full stop, command, base, bent, ruling, creative thinker, confluence, forefront, spot, flair, bump, jigger, contribute, ear, degree, drawer, straw boss, coinage, bread, learning ability, flow, approach, director, nut, arch, press, head up, drumstick, doubtfulness, preeminent, shelf, hierarch, aim, knack, chief, spume, foreland, bed, subject, clearance, supervisor, houseparent, berth, vector, abrasion, zero hour, conk, faith, channelize, manoeuver, solid, titleholder, foreperson, supreme, front, orchestrate, rule, addict, microbrewery, charge, place, aptness, passport, governing, cross, top, guru, run, enter, yeast, bunk, branch, bedpost, officer, source, plug, energy, intellect, gift, noggin, mental capacity, mash, blotch, black eye, juncture, important, title, crook, taskmistress, edge, housemaster, go, leaf, drift, skull, betoken, leave, capitulum, stage, dubiousness, concentrate, coping, brand, qualifying, crisis, noodle, header, significant, control, cope, forewoman, pointedness, enquiry, question, interrogative sentence, abscess, climax.

foot, subsidiary, coadjutor, assistant, deputy, tail, assisting, inferior, rear, lowly, junior, secondary, ancillary, second, under, subordinate, less, lesser, last, lower.

Examples of usage:

1) Head for the cove. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) He held his head high and looked off as he spoke. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Is my head right? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.