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Spell check of heart

Correct spelling: heart

midriff, core, house of cards, sum total, good-heartedness, crux, tinder, nucleus, subject matter, inner, valiantness, heartstrings, cross section, A, seat, affectionateness, peel, lodestar, omphalos, face card, stoutness, plaza, priority, sensitivity, watch, intent, nerve, aggregate, medium, oculus, inward, union, bisection, circle, gameness, pity, diamond, rally, bottleneck, sum, spunkiness, magnetic core, courage, lovable, base, bowl, start, ruth, punk, fancy, mall, tenderheartedness, burden, deck, pluck, pivot, emotion, deuce, lovingness, perfume, warmth, bone marrow, net, rawness, balloon, nubble, vegetable marrow, root, mediocrity, feature, crescent, center of gravity, center field, focus, spear, intestinal fortitude, feeling, nub, ticker, belly button, feelings, gutsiness, edge, tenderness, fear, flank, organ, summation, kindliness, shopping mall, staple, boob, spirit, central, median, flesh, mean, pleasing, plenum, mood, midsection, skin, quick, back, peelings, point, stock ticker, fortitude, visceral, temper, valiancy, stuff, totality, pulp, stub, half, humanity, coil, ground zero, pith, navel, intrepidity, virtue, polestar, mettle, magnet, greatheartedness, hub, artery, epitome, key, locus, centerfield, undauntedness, asymptote, ball, join, soul, band, middle, shopping centre, intersection, keynote, amount of money, guts, inwardness, gravamen, life, aorta, compassion, clock, rendezvous, commiseration, knocker, kernel, cob, cheek, pluckiness, brass, midpoint, bottle, mind, partiality, bravery, largeheartedness, headquarters, jack, inland, affection, inside, center of attention, lure, chest, front, substance, feel, fearlessness, kindling, daringness, center, braveness, centerpiece, meaning, shopping center, warmness, softheartedness, belly, sympathy, forum, bone, axis, bigheartedness, meat, intestinal, B, nexus, amount, embrace, club, means, daring, kindheartedness, purport, boldness, philia, soreness, gut, sum of money, atrium, undercurrent, doughtiness, tone, basis, face, bulge, look, average, capital, element, dauntlessness, flavor, hardihood, internality, courageousness, half-and-half, mercy, mecca, core group, pleasant, abdomen, card, total, prowess, concern, body, frame of mind, gist, beat, inner space, floret, centre, halfway point, ace, cynosure, be, intrepidness, flavour, blood, passion, midst, sensation, warmheartedness, meat and potatoes, stoutheartedness, marrow, internal, marrow squash, optic, emotional state, nubbin, smell, epicenter, effect, bosom, bull's-eye, essence, interior, disembodied spirit, anticoagulant, bubble, bottom line, heart and soul, quintessence, cone, girth, snapper, response, nitty-gritty, valiance, liveliness, pump, atheroma, valor, eye, bleeding, fondness, heroism, moxie, nervus, intrinsic, nerve center, message, nerve centre, spunk, bottom, sprightliness, axle, touchwood, crossing, kindness, gallantry, content, charity, ABO system, funnel, subjective, gathering.

cruelty, indecision, ineffectualness, callousness, animosity, cold feet, irresolution, mercilessness, pitilessness, fearfulness, disinterest, hesitation, dastardliness, faintheartedness, coldheartedness, indifference, softness, timidity, hostility, coldness, mousiness, cowardice, timorousness, hatred, harshness, weakness, antipathy, inhumanness, inhumanity, cravenness, indecisiveness, unconcern, impotence, spinelessness, dislike, cowardliness, feebleness, poltroonery.

Examples of usage:

1) Peter Junior, you are a boy after my own heart. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) I know his heart better than you- better than he. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Her heart went out to him. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.