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Spell check of encourage

Correct spelling: encourage

stir, propel, hike up, fortify, enliven, chirk, revitalize, elate, launch, succor, revivify, buoy up, ferment, drive, confer, rally, inspirit, get along, fund, cheer, advertize, fling, induce, brief, upgrade, animate, spark, instruct, further, pull ahead, hurtle, attend, mother, motivate, supercharge, benefit, foster, perk up, nudge, recommend, reinforce, spur, shoot, lob, boost, jog, cultivate, move, prod, nurture, advance, goad, throw out, dispirit, subscribe to, advise, endow, arouse, gain ground, side with, advertise, consult, hurl, strengthen, bring forward, stimulate, warn, excite, brighten, caution, pass on, counsel, energize, notify, catapult, pique, minister, entice, lighten, march on, inform, expedite, jolt, bear up, fire, gladden, ram, gain, applaud, set ahead, win, foment, come along, forward, suggest, kick upstairs, knock, refresh, press, second, guide, sway, exhort, prompt, urge, force, back, embolden, heave, relieve, progress, go on, move on, nurse, serve, nourish, steel, impel, instigate, jostle, bump, feed, come on, buck up, advocate, please, befriend, poke, aid, admonish, throw, abet, elevate, rev, pitch, promote, simplify, praise, exhilarate, raise, shove, make headway, uphold, hike, inspire, sling, reassure, incubate, punch, direct, push, trigger, get on, hearten, nerve, strike, cheer up, bolster, cue, lead on, thrust, shape up, impassion, restrain, favor, assist, help, sustain, approve, console, sanction, facilitate, discourage, provoke, support, tend, back up, buoy, incite, hasten, depress, countenance, egg on, get ahead, ease, magnetize, egg, smile on, brace, restore.

debilitate, counter, ban, interdict, frustrate, oppose, confound, subdue, hobble, expose, depress, halt, inhibit, deter, calm, obstruct, shackle, dispirit, baffle, squash, demoralize, enjoin, mollify, hamstring, constrain, outlaw, battle, disconcert, counteract, contend, psych, hold back, tranquilize, restrain, forbid, bar, combat, snuff, dissuade, hinder, sadden, stifle, fight, check, interfere, prohibit, manacle, fetter, appease, curb, daunt, disapprove, placate, undermine, encumber, weaken, impede, enfeeble, brake, proscribe, pacify, prevent, denounce, intimidate, discourage, arrest, dishearten, squelch, soothe, repress, suppress.

Examples of usage:

1) Well, Ted, I'm sorry I can't encourage you. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

2) For his one good quality he has a hundred bad ones; but he is not held to strict account, like the rest of us, for genius is so rare that we encourage it, no matter what the cost. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.

3) This did not encourage Tug to talk, for he became silent again, and although Silas was keen to hear where his friend had been, he was silent, too. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.