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Spell check of drop

Correct spelling: drop

precipitation, pick up, trim back, vent, immediately, quaver, degrade, vomit, falter, bemuse, deplete, honk, droplet, down, hold, fall back, exuviate, slide, antidote, glom, concede, swoop, gloam, articulate, resign, take out, see, nondelivery, snitch, diminish, pronounce, lift, element, doze off, beadwork, record, climb, visit, upchuck, place down, empty, spill, tear, shut out of, bedevil, referral, usher out, evacuate, vacate, cast out, carry, jot, shrink, lack, allude to, tinge, regorge, drive, look around, freshen, disembark, anaesthetic, depletion, repose, enter, bonbon, cut out, examine, spue, bit, downslide, commissioner, abatement, amphetamine, chuck out, drowse off, pop in, plunge, look out over, OD, dispel, stray, vestige, omit, terminate, twilight, debit, thieve, vanish, open, expend, hook, abuse, globule, harden, magnetic dip, displace, pretermit, pour forth, vomit up, drift, look across, drop in, depth, nip, offload, raindrop, sick, bring along, antacid, discard, except, slough, set down, survey, shake, disregard, escort, pin, dispose, aerobatics, draw, anesthetic, capitulation, fire, crepuscle, desert, sink, assoil, speck, collapse, misplace, divest, inside track, dangle, ort, candy, bring through, get around, give the axe, command, drivel, dominate, potion, lose, go off, bring around, exhaust, leave out, disgrace, leave, clear, mow, diminution, dry, deteriorate, exculpate, send away, deepness, tittle, ramble, whip hand, spend, bulge, flatten out, push aside, gloaming, shut up, ditch, measure, rid, tot, trace, release, depress, stead, drink, antibiotic, airspeed, hush, roam, swing out, piece, swing over, pull, granule, air traffic control, top-slice, discount, drib, jump, candyfloss, sweep, pickpocket, upset, plummet, hairsbreadth, modicum, shepherd, diction, come over, halve, stare, let go, edge, spot, slide down, delivery, deadlock, gust, knock down, break off, angle of dip, skid, go under, autumn, have, catch, brush aside, toss, analgesic, drop-off, land, drift off, crater, debark, particle, overtop, fling off, fall asleep, sliver, falling off, switch, trim down, shrivel, inclination, dwindle, pucker, sip, overleap, free fall, break up, relinquish, comedown, glob, cart, toss out, look, slump, nectar, come up, get down, filter, fail, attack, pause, declination, write down, dive, upper hand, leak, fall down, lapse, throw out, bubble gum, give the sack, antidepressant, submerge, force out, put-down, downtrend, fall, take in, relocation, fuddle, escape from, miss out, captain, air-to-air, pick-me-up, sack, split up, lead, lay, degenerate, toss away, molt, retch, confound, fall out, spatter, cancel, swing, project, increase, howl, shorten, discharge, mite, pronunciation, cut, base jumping, cast aside, invoke, inspect, shot, shut, devolve, wander, fly, look out on, dribble, shrinkage, pittance, trifle, give, reduction, throw away, driblet, befuddle, magnetic inclination, modulate, chalk something up, shake off, river, decrease, decrement, teardrop, disclaim, waste, cushion, note, settle, dash, bungee jumping, dope off, crumb, drop down, pass, subside, waive, dispatch, deal, roll, quickly, downswing, ivory, rove, dismiss, morsel, finish with, escape, ounce, thrust, flyspeck, disgorge, slug, cut down, unload, use, spew, shift, miss, demean, snort, lower, count out, downturn, slabber, grain, vault, neutralise, fling, salivate, step, forfeit, smithereen, blow, slash, splash, beverage, dump, flip, exonerate, nosedive, stammer, purge, surface, depression, bank, mainline, fall away, choke, toss off, bear, chuck, regurgitate, evenfall, intone, loss, minimize, bench, bewilder, tell of, over, bail out, shred, grade, check, neglect, drop cloth, couch, clam up, liquidate, disown, expel, relegate, aggregate, fell, drop curtain, aerospace, bring down, assist, eject, airborne, throw-off, bale out, range, sway, overlook, haul off, hawk, ignore, air pocket, chute, bead, reject, brush off, check on, jet, surrender, infusion, molecule, run in, deliver, fox, take down, vagabond, astragal, forgo, neutralize, renounce, redact, put, scruple, whit, frame, falloff, push down, do in, minim, make, draft in, tingle, trim, can, abandon, give notice, leave off, lessening, refreshments, buzz, cut off, better, defect, fall behind, flake out, downslope, cat, inundation, touch on, decline, stutter, precipice, call up, erode, slip, pitch, condensation, center, mold, muster out, anabolic steroid, dent, defriend, dash off, dispossess, slaver, strike down, dusk, swan, put away, mould, mention, cast-off, cutback, fragment, shed, remittance, crepuscule, pearl, drop away, hurl, scrap, ballooning, fall off, draft, touch, superiority, catbird seat, forsake, deepen, drip, contrive, free, caramel, cast, come, cutpurse, dab, lace, gaze, downfall, look in, radius, diminishment, walk, drool, big, descend, bring over, cliff, discontinue, blob, raise, gliding, throw, break, quit, bury, slack, dry up, send packing, smidgen, declension, cut back, tumble, chew, vantage, nod off, recede, anticoagulant, candy bar, do, articulation, advantage, candy apple, part with, conduct, atom, destroy, pull down, cop, reduce, stop, dissolve, bone, trickle, exclude, topple, turn over to, dram, go down, capitulate, bring, consignment, cliff jumping, shave, dissipate, discombobulate, give up, iota, dot, airlift, jettison, jack up, unlade, dip, air corridor, candy cane, call, cease, all, flatten, complete, ingestion, enunciate, slope, be sick, return, come by, declivity, acquit, high ground, nightfall, get up, captaincy, throw up, confuse, jigger, abdicate, cast away, slobber, descent, hurtle, puke, knock-off, look up, beading, moult, off-white, come down, rise, moisture, airdrop, reach, step-down, lash.

disability, drawback, liability, soaring, sharpen, disadvantage, handicap, progress, manacle, hitch, impairment, crimp, shallowness, boost, attend to, step-up, extension, minus, supplement, take to heart, bar, rise, convalesce, imbalance, recover, detriment, gain, advance, check, enlargement, uptrend, improvement, clog, rub, upswing, accretion, setback, headway, embarrassment, increment, stranglehold, lurch, addition, climb, let, stop, trammel, shortcoming, interference, recuperate, rising, accrual, obstruction, penalty, unevenness, increase, hindrance, progression, stature, elevation, strike, accumulation, ascent, hurdle, failing, shackle, height, raise, betterment, impediment, altitude, inequality, continuation, catch, obstacle, disparity, upturn, uptick.

Examples of usage:

1) The distance to the ground was at least twelve feet, but there was heavy grass below, and Leo did not mind such a drop. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) How could she bear to play on a team when three of the members had decided to drop her acquaintance? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) I shall drop to sleep if we don't move on. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.