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Spell check of fell

Correct spelling: fell

dune, condemnable, died, ascent, busted, slash, furious, neglect, expired, cancel, skin, level, fallen, afforestation, plunged, unload, cut back, barbarous, swooped, omit, dangle, forester, departed, clear-cut, terminal, heavy-handed, take flight, take down, pestilent, shake off, blundered, baleful, brutal, aviate, deteriorate, ferine, mortal, bring down, wild, prostrate, poisonous, foothills, flee, knock down, cast, degenerate, throw, cliff, pull down, downs, pretermit, bestial, unrelenting, push down, go away, discharge, coppice, chop down, knock, drop, collapsed, knock off, flunked, succumbed, devolve, hide, beastly, ferocious, drop off, bluff, passed away, cut down, set down, vaporize, disappear, parted, trim down, passed, feral, brutish, floundered, dribble, lay out, fur, reduce, pitched, down, vanish, highlands, trim back, expend, lost, overlook, grim, drip, butte, criminal, passed on, send packing, cut out, leave out, lethal, rise, mow, strike down, deceased, jacket, plummeted, ended, floor, deplorable, cut, dismiss, flopped, spend, vicious, overleap, surface, failed, brute, trim, vital, wing, barbaric, ceased, miss, reprehensible, inhuman, hew, fly, roughshod, sink, hill, deathly, ground, swing, fierce, cruel, shed, murderous, dove, uncivilized, pilot, uncivilised, barbarian, send away, fatal, put down, pelt, throw away, arboretum, deck, cast off, faltered, dropped, defoliate, inhumane, venomous, flatten, drop down, arboriculture, dived, felled seam, stumbled, evil, perished, savage, throw off.

congenial, tame, kind, cordial, humane, hearty, cultured, mild, warmhearted, benign, obliging, restorative, advantageous, safe, comradely, healthful, unaggressive, companionable, wholesome, healthy, submissive, human, amicable, nonlethal, amiable, salutary, civilized, compliant, complaisant, curative, nontoxic, merciful, salubrious, friendly, nonpoisonous, remedial, alleviative, beneficial, nonfatal, peaceable, tonic, useful, compassionate, pacific, gentle, genial, warm, corrective, peaceful.

Examples of usage:

1) As Carl followed there was a crash, and the door fell in. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) A pleasant silence fell upon the two young girls. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) Poor Peter- Oh, Richard- I don't believe he fell over. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.