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Spell check of big

Correct spelling: big

risky, epic, hooked, thriving, buxom, egotistic, tumid, lordly, dominant, natural, eager, free, tubby, hulking, brilliant, heroic, good, grand, momentous, voluminous, greatest, full-size, born-again, handsome, measurable, popularized, bloated, expecting, viral, humongous, capacious, motivated, anticompetitive, stupendous, monumental, volumed, overbearing, historic, elder, freehand, chubby, considerable, cock-a-hoop, red-hot, modish, enormous, massive, primal, overflowing, overriding, sorry, bow-wow, tectonic, spoilt, weighty, proud, overmastering, princely, brisk, giving, vast, prodigious, of import, influential, commodious, cardinal, major, amplitudinous, important, principal, potent, portly, cavernous, larger-than-life, mountainous, abundant, earth-shattering, main, business-to-business, turgid, numero uno, leading, orotund, plump, plentiful, successful, freehanded, pompously, central, cold, wide, eventful, puffy, double, consequential, king-sized, boastfully, bounteous, salient, tremendous, conjoined twin, overlarge, crowd-pleasing, lusty, prior, extended, substantial, faddy, high-risk, brimming, expansive, birdie, high-minded, business, roomy, bulky, ample, give, cosmic, life-sized, intense, full-fledged, monstrous, well-favoured, liberal, premier, spoiled, collective, adult, tough, in, fundamental, much, material, serious, largest, bragging, bouffant, obvious, outstanding, pretentious, pop, impressive, galactic, expectant, boastful, obese, titanic, goodly, chunky, king-size, copious, declamatory, reproduction, wide-ranging, triumphant, fine-looking, top-rated, pregnant, overweight, cross, grownup, thumping, well-received, forged, astronomic, muscular, supreme, whacking, vital, sovereign, too large, greathearted, bad, deep, full-blown, corpulent, caught, fashionable, monolithic, avid, choo-choo, quick, sizable, meaningful, larger, whopping, giant, crucial, hot, rangy, fervent, lofty, unsound, stout, tidy, first, brother, well-favored, bighearted, all-night, with child, gravid, high, key, boxcar, awesome, oversize, gargantuan, self-aggrandising, self-aggrandizing, mammoth, favorite, large-minded, healthy, mature, enceinte, astronomical, outsized, pompous, big-hearted, number one, towering, outsize, huge, du jour, striking, loose, queen-size, largish, grown-up, lifesize, keen, immense, wholehearted, spacious, colossal, imperious, jumbo, great-hearted, pornographic, enlarged, older, parturient, gallant, bountiful, plumping, brimful, elephantine, plush, good-looking, defective, great, full-grown, loud, blown-up, bunny, significant, grandiose, highest, vainglorious, capital, regretful, uncollectible, robust, generous, majestic, deafening, intemperate, rich, magnificent, arch, widely, ripe, gone, comprehensive, walloping, happening, oversized, brotherly, chief, super, sublime, presumptuous, bombastic, preeminent, prominent, fat, biggish, paramount, biggest, brotherhood, distinguished, half brother, half sister, husky, unfit, accredited, bro, sizeable, swelled, coarse, braggart, popular, awash, man-sized, strong, youth, banner, macro, full, bigger, large, predominant, bang, conspicuous, tolerant, braggy, boo-boo, master, ostentatiously, openhanded, speculative, fraternal twin, grown, broad, extensive, vauntingly, earthshaking, queen-sized, enthusiastic, life-size, crowing, hefty, high-flying, Br., voguish, acclaimed, elevated, gigantic, developed, hulky, unselfish, spectacular, chivalrous, long, magnanimous, heavy, fully grown, concentrated, heady, brick-and-mortar, large-hearted, large-scale, dimensional, soaring, roaring, baggy, faddish, vogue, better-looking, primary.

smallish, dwarfish, coarse, disliked, insignificant, infertile, nameless, weak, miniscule, lesser, degraded, dirty, pocket-sized, micro, small, offensive, delivered, gnomish, weakened, vile, thin, unknown, trifling, slender, dilute, mini, bitty, immature, teensy-weensy, younger, humiliating, anonymous, subordinate, uncelebrated, little, miscarrying, elflike, least, inconsequential, unexceptional, littler, debased, meanspirited, dastardly, small-scale, runty, last, limited, infinitesimal, low, wee, obscure, barren, thinned, crude, teensy, mean, subatomic, nonpregnant, diminutive, pint-size, squalid, short, aborting, brief, flyspeck, temperate, soft, unimportant, itty-bitty, ungenerous, discreditable, weensy, trivial, small-minded, bantam, delicate, degrading, half-pint, wretched, slight, washed-up, petty, negligible, teentsy, invisible, hateful, undersize, tiny, puny, microminiature, unfashionable, miniature, lilliputian, paltry, detested, detestable, narrow, collateral, undersized, stingy, dwarf, dinky, despicable, repulsive, itsy-bitsy, lousy, ignoble, teeny-weeny, watery, microscopic, despised, mild, inconspicuous, subsidiary, out, worthless, unpopular, sorry, light, pocketable, inferior, indistinguished, elfin, weeny, diluted, bittie, smaller, microscopical, inconsiderable, hated, minuscule, vulgar, sordid, ugly, rejected, contemptible, base, secondary, slim, little-bitty, pocket-size, degenerate, scanty, atomic, teeny, minor, shrimpy, ignominious, watered-down, petite, midget, half-size, vicious, abominable, humble, pygmy, minute.

Examples of usage:

1) Dinner was the big meal of the week. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) The big bed stood in the corner. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) Did it seem strange to her after a big city high school? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.