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Spell check of fine

Correct spelling: fine

enlivening, delicate, unsurpassed, puny, A plus, laudable, worthwhile, classic, recherché, refined, bully, dwarfish, blissful, classy, unmixed, attractive, serviceable, pleasant, copacetic, reprisal, jim-dandy, penalize, blue-chip, mathematical, agonize, sensational, bail, ace, charming, heavenly, fantastic, burden, excellent, good-looking, prizewinning, sincere, retribute, wonderful, boss, discipline, subtle, rugged, bright, grand, brave, sharp, all-star, cloudless, incarcerate, respectable, ragged, midget, waterboarding, tip-top, skinny, admirable, floury, keen, dignified, revenge, crucify, impound, dinky, fine-grained, elongated, persecute, sequestrate, hatchet-faced, honest, exquisitely, cheerful, payment, marvelous, choice, cultivated, confinement, suave, dusty, agony, beautiful, Lilliputian, bonny, punish, deduction, fit, encumbrance, capital, straight, abrasive, slim, pleasing, correct, praiseworthy, kneecap, tiny, finely, A1, judge, abate, affliction, microscopic, lean, entertaining, strict, anguish, pleasurable, handicap, out-of-sight, tax, rigorous, drawback, sterling, rough, first-rate, above par, still, stately, tight, perceptive, amercement, stylish, unalloyed, truthful, nongranular, granular, wizard, plain, full-face, close, radical, cool, castigation, abatement, fab, awesome, slim-jim, tiptop, good, famous, definite, dandy, attenuated, powdered, o.k., reprise, delicately, shrimpy, undersized, pulverous, ground, lovely, better, tasteful, price, hunky-dory, gone, very well, distress, civil, discount, precise, forfeiture, across, fantabulous, banner, top, dustlike, decorous, verdict, exact, forfeit, castigate, corking, graceful, community service, A-1, wispy, genuine, try, minute, mulct, able-bodied, small, incarceration, windless, ethereal, benign, spot-on, paper-thin, bang-up, worthy, tolerable, irregular, four-star, beauteous, extradition, needlelike, ingestion, unadulterated, hype, textured, pretty, powdery, tophole, undiluted, pocket, penalty, jagged, stellar, prize, deduct, broad, tactful, banish, great, groovy, handsome, minuscule, topflight, chasten, five-star, unclouded, frontline, immense, pure, comely, absolute, superb, grounded, fairish, afflict, well, commendable, hot, exemplary, unobjectionable, keelhaul, joyful, rare, upstanding, baby-faced, enjoyable, equable, skeletal, pocket-size, close-grained, dynamite, noble, avenge, discreet, lanky, phat, willowy, prickly, crackerjack, filmy, disqualify, decent, righteous, top-shelf, pinpoint, well-bred, normal, accurate, toylike, divine, crucifixion, encumber, damages, high-class, favorable, ducky, slight, thin, first-class, ultrathin, hairsplitting, bumper, noncustodial, spry, superior, gilt-edged, pulverised, delectable, adequate, sophisticated, passable, uneven, nifty, little, mean, expensive, reasonable, seize, imprisonment, prime, imprison, confine, robust, splendid, terrific, satisfactory, swell, furrowed, coarse, beneficial, okay, down, peachy keen, torture, elegant, extort, ok, chastise, clement, tremendous, cultured, number one, champion, peachy, fat, numero uno, dainty, all right, fair, ticket, pint-size, tenuous, A-OK, vigorous, nuanced, pulverized, amerce, irreproachable, healthy, execute, pillory, craggy, gossamer, boffo, sunny, topping, quick, finespun, hairline, confiscate, judgment, execution, jolly, f., calm, bantam, majestic, purified, diminutive, primo, nice, narrow, pygmy, correction, classical, light, sentence, detention, premium, enchanting, top-of-the-line, slender, smallish, blue-ribbon, jake, big, par excellence, fresh-faced, first-string, neat, small-grained, distinct, supernal, exquisite, picturesque, top-notch, principled, chiseled, pulverulent, disqualification, half-pint, Botany Bay, bewitching, ambrosial, retribution, strong, sensitive, sweet, quality, superfine, A-one, chastisement, cracking, delightful, exceptional, amusing, select, incredible, fabulous, superlative, acceptable, brag, lambaste, persecution, gangbusters, courtly, wonder, clear, levy, punishment, agreeable, scrawny, subnormal, top-flight, topnotch, slick, alright, palatable.

fading, leviathan, superlative, mixed, combined, watered-down, disreputable, colossal, chunky, cyclopean, whopping, unpleasant, dulled, galactic, polluted, lousy, unlovely, incomplete, round, king-size, herculean, imperfect, questionable, coarse, objectionable, linked, par excellence, frightful, monolithic, capital, premium, doctored, unfiltered, imperceptive, giant, false, heroic, Bunyanesque, spoiled, punk, intolerable, crude, nifty, gaudy, swell, heedless, boundless, dandy, unequivocal, A1, unworthy, keen, optimum, unambiguous, uncouth, compounded, dubious, insensitive, besmirched, thickset, hefty, deficient, ghastly, insufficient, bulky, first-class, coarse-grained, open, improper, execrable, incorrect, granulated, conjoined, supernal, liberal, rocky, flamboyant, exquisite, mountainous, dead, thickish, gravelly, mingled, alloyed, gross, grim, plain, insufferable, Himalayan, coalesced, dimmed, outsize, soiled, cheapened, meager, neat, supreme, clear, debased, prime, horrid, cheesy, appreciable, evident, slipshod, popular, broad, oversize, dissatisfying, fabulous, amalgamated, marvelous, shocking, splendid, unsuitable, run-of-the-mine, ugly, tidy, harsh, disagreeable, sullied, sufficient, kitsch, mean, miserable, ticky-tacky, commercial, humongous, shabby, merged, faulty, contaminated, clumsy, flashy, substantial, husky, obvious, intermixed, indefinite, kitschy, careless, incalculable, run-of-the-mill, lumpy, monumental, patent, exceptional, unstylish, prodigious, short, pitiful, garish, boss, ample, uncultivated, hideous, farinaceous, titanic, massive, unsatisfactory, common, numb, middling, superior, styleless, preeminent, stumpy, rude, bang-up, sloppy, abundant, plushy, sterling, sensational, tacky, defiled, maximum, second-class, dull, goodly, corrupted, sandy, sizable, large, first-rate, inexact, imprecise, disgusting, immeasurable, stingy, infinite, great, unfashionable, splashy, perspicuous, graceless, miserly, insensible, plentiful, useless, lacking, adulterated, deadened, tasteless, tip-top, bad, tainted, befouled, niggardly, ordinary, defective, wanting, low-grade, vast, tawdry, wide, diluted, fouled, raffish, unattractive, loud, mealy, special, copious, gargantuan, mediocre, manifest, unpolished, lesser, heavenly, superb, unclear, grainy, jim-dandy, unmatched, elephantine, deformed, squat, untrue, blended, largish, mammoth, boxcar, spare, rough, apparent, hulking, whacking, wonderful, odious, fancy, awkward, scanty, tremendous, stocky, shoddy, inelegant, glitzy, dowdy, gritty, jumbo, uncultured, divine, trashy, maximized, granulose, considerable, grisly, stupendous, vile, repulsive, unacceptable, big, mass-produced, second-rate, unreliable, stony, gigantic, grotesque, unendurable, huge, inferior, unmistakable, matchless, poor, handsome, noble, monstrous, lowbrow, wrong, unparalleled, top, skimpy, generous, plenteous, enough, wretched, optimal, cheap, pebbly, awful, inadequate, classic, unhandsome, crackerjack, palpable, cosmic, terrific, open-and-shut, unfit, bountiful, pathetic, indecent, cavernous, granular, grand, impure, stellar, extreme, top-notch, pharaonic, clear-cut, united, slapdash, terrible, ungainly, immense, loose, substandard, unrefined, rotten, healthy, incautious, lamentable, average, approximate, unbearable, incorporated, enormous, staggering, untrustworthy, doubtful, inaccurate, transparent, atrocious, vulgar, thick, unsurpassed, intermingled, banner, biggish, voluminous, adequate, peerless, fat, high-grade, groovy, Brobdingnagian, widish, vague, joined, fused, commingled.

Examples of usage:

1) I think he must be just fine. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) I'm having a fine time. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) Ye feel fine afther that, don't ye, 'Liza? - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.