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Spell check of great

Correct spelling: great

unpleasant, wellborn, phat, master, outsize, natural, sweeping, cardinal, pleasing, long, comprehensive, inclusive, neat, corking, husky, high-minded, noble, authority figure, first, august, principal, fashion, infamous, amplitudinous, mover and shaker, knowledge, imposing, obscure, heavy, out-of-sight, terrific, grand, top, sovereign, prize, owing, surpassing, enceinte, prestigious, legendary, celebrity, masterful, thirsty, grandiose, voracious, professed, fabulously, unsurpassed, bleak, awesome, supreme, sizable, educated, choice, superstar, champion, primo, basically, top-notch, virtuoso, bully, anxious, addictive, healthy, skillful, ardent, favourite, adaptive, long-lived, towering, upper-crust, prodigious, solicitous, hall, capital, four-star, highbred, ladylike, highborn, genteel, fantabulous, immense, wide, excellent, living legend, complete, extensive, wonderful, VIP, agreed, geeked, migratory, main, mainly, fantastical, huge, biggish, imperial, lengthy, peerless, the, extended, largish, practiced, abundant, top-of-the-line, supernal, to perfection, hooked, frontline, flawed, pumped, eminence, well, desirous, primary, lesser, peachy keen, commanding, born-again, yes, highest, patrician, primal, unappealing, prime mover, distinguished, essentially, wholehearted, impressive, reproduction, keen, copious, generous, gargantuan, chief, magisterial, respect, popularity, key, long-drawn-out, accomplished, importantly, attractive, crackerjack, slap-up, boss, constitutionally, greedy, majuscule, fashion statement, puissant, massive, sensational, versed, boom, overmastering, harsh, regal, full-fledged, enthusiastic, retrospective, big, paramount, tremendous, famous, brave, sleb, date back to, renowned, gung ho, superlative, crested, dignified, classic, topflight, masterly, uppercase, important, public figure, blue-chip, mogul, tidy, parturient, pregnant, A-OK, veteran, absolutely, magnate, hype, boffo, bulky, fab, cracking, leading light, glorious, high-class, ripping, of course, eminent, elevated, juiced, raring, striking, measurable, heroic, fabled, substantial, first-string, broad, antsy, experienced, heavenly, superior, mean, radical, prime, greathearted, babyish, nifty, marvelous, precisely, greatest, five-star, webbed, large-scale, overbearing, first-rate, hit, redoubtable, first-class, right, hard, chivalrous, oversize, eager, not bad, celebrated, gregarious, high, zealous, transliterate, enthused, gilt-edged, excited, elephantine, princely, formidable, noted, queen-like, preeminent, A1, divine, pleasurable, vast, banner, prizewinning, House, gifted, numero uno, bonny, large, gone, clingy, hungry, adept, nuts, agog, historically, exalted, wizard, righteous, topping, consummate, wild, slick, dandy, flightless, baggy, bad, silk-stocking, compleat, major, expert, dynamite, tip-top, handsome, quality, gentle, spectacular, salient, lordly, illustrious, fervent, exceptional, stellar, cavernous, bumper, dimensional, skilled, super, giant, capacious, portly, spacious, personality, considerable, badass, fine, conspicuous, outstanding, of import, tophole, disagreeable, notorious, aristocratic, boxcar, pleasant, hopped-up, retired, influential, swell, jim-dandy, undischarged, gallant, numerous, hefty, famed, relaxing, enjoyable, tiptop, Court, roomy, common, king-size, courtly, sterling, topnotch, classy, the glitterati, hulking, figure, well-known, star, powerful, widely, avid, down, peachy, autocratic, goodly, dreamy, central, top-flight, lofty, corpulent, upper-class, superb, unrivaled, nice, splendid, bang-up, magnificent, winner, beautiful, stately, sublime, prior, top-shelf, fabulous, cool, in essence, commodious, born, able, magnanimous, far, blue-blooded, hot, voluminous, fantastically, ample, smashing, stoked, good, majestic, magnet, overriding, exactly, brag, blue-ribbon, fantastic, expectant, impatient, prominent, elementary, number one, baronial, awful, motivated, gigantic, coarse, ace, premier, A-one, chunky, basic, knightly, dominant, historical, kingly, gravid, capable, extraordinary, cheerful, colossal, ably, high-powered, restful, long-term, par excellence, flexible, mammoth, leading, crazy, early, honorable, predominant, hot spot, groovy, icon, fascination, OK, fledged, gangbusters, royal, lovely, humongous, with child, athirst, notable, arch, soaring, expecting, objectionable, unattractive, enormous, superlatively, expansive.

ham-fisted, lackadaisical, substandard, unconcerned, negligible, unfit, casual, second-class, degrading, primitive, bad, heavy-handed, abrupt, nonpregnant, dinky, trivial, teensy, impassive, incurious, hesitant, weak, last, unfitted, sorry, illegitimate, teensy-weensy, terrible, aloof, little-bitty, jackleg, squalid, uneager, raw, atrocious, unskillful, inferior, subordinate, inconsiderable, unseasoned, amateurish, undersized, lowly, shortish, subsidiary, wretched, pint-size, dastardly, diminutive, would-be, low, baseborn, debased, shortened, disinterested, ham-handed, unprofessional, brief, clumsy, impermanent, slight, untutored, amateur, untested, pocket-size, contemptible, ineffectual, abbreviated, loath, coarse, untaught, small, little, poor, minor, puny, ineffective, mini, plebeian, degenerate, humiliating, abased, second-rate, stolid, short-lived, insignificant, junior, wee, mean, lower-class, insouciant, unpolished, unskilled, rude, rough, collateral, short-term, averse, humble, lousy, transient, despicable, inept, slender, repulsive, languid, crude, limited, knavish, microminiature, tiny, artless, curtailed, vicious, transitory, languorous, vile, minuscule, inefficient, pathetic, sudden, paltry, short, smallish, narrow, discreditable, hateful, inexperienced, unimportant, pygmy, untried, ungifted, disinclined, lowercase, new, unenthusiastic, dwarfish, untalented, momentary, Lilliputian, minute, unschooled, trifling, ignoble, bantam, fleeting, teeny, halfhearted, execrable, apathetic, teeny-weeny, common, incapable, awkward, dirty, ugly, miniature, unsatisfactory, shrimpy, rotten, middling, indifferent, petty, abominable, base, small-minded, condensed, nonchalant, offensive, scanty, low-grade, plain, ignominious, degraded, short-range, sordid, thin, detestable, uninterested, inconsequential, unable, inexpert, vulgar, unqualified, green, untrained, least, ignorant, detached, dwarf, ephemeral, beginning, lukewarm, microscopic, infinitesimal, unwilling, incompetent, reluctant, spiritless, awful, slim, petite, ordinary, half-pint, mediocre, secondary.

Examples of usage:

1) Why, Jamie, what a great man you are! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) They're great women, these two. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I have met her, and father has told me a great deal about her. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.