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Spell check of correct

Correct spelling: correct

countervail, sharp, definite, rigid, dead-on, enrich, be, put, incarcerate, make, demanding, authoritarian, becoming, jog, befitting, straight, proper, censorious, oppressive, deride, even up, bang on, prepare, finicky, limit, project, right-hand, settle, recompense, aping, submissive, stiff-necked, intense, crystalize, blunt, curt, authentic, sort, arrange, sink, penalize, tame, mend, burden, reprobate, typeset, moral, diligent, lambaste, upgrade, rebuke, illuminate, localise, delicate, put down, stilted, crucify, stern, reckon, count, worsen, punctilious, do, even off, decent, class, icy, Draconian, prove, oppose, go under, starchy, calculate, manage, deduct, Spartan, dainty, improve on, pay, frosty, discipline, alter, ascetic, blame, basic, reform, forfeit, slouch, level, exacting, conventional, persecute, ready, make up, tune, train, revise, revitalize, abrupt, discount, amend, Epicurean, fructify, square up, regular, sort out, word-perfect, anguish, countersink, crystallize, cope, nullify, reliable, disciplined, sic, astringent, reject, veracious, civil, literal, ethical, check, reprimand, encumber, picky, prudish, clear up, strict, neutralize, work out, repair, short, perspicacious, adjust, meticulous, remediate, emend, purify, squeamish, decline, adhering, define, critical, pillory, rectify, obdurate, classify, intolerant, civilized, constitute, cool, mannerly, grim, fix, better, rigorous, chastise, suitable, discriminating, coiffure, surmount, flush, lay, nice, execute, fastidious, lean, counteract, fitting, distress, crisp, carry off, obstinate, handle, gallant, stiff, imperial, pass up, mincing, conforming, assess, de rigueur, particular, overcompensate, spare, offset, fall off, remunerate, consist, set up, methodical, jell, specify, cutting, shrug off, congeal, exact, fabricate, tart, chivalrous, elucidate, go down, hidebound, raw, customary, crystalise, cook up, discerning, scrupulous, valid, confine, even out, true, dry, irreproachable, redress, conform, piquant, get through, torture, square, progress, dour, congruous, priggish, return, traditional, flawless, qualmish, place, formal, keen, stringent, specific, position, slide down, well-mannered, wane, appropriate, slump, severe, afflict, determine, reclaim, cover, letter-perfect, caustic, embellish, tasteful, reimburse, straighten out, invent, on-target, fine, plant, chilly, refund, chasten, hypercritical, moderate, condition, persnickety, aline, manufacture, enhance, acquiescing, reconcile, conciliate, atone, renovate, avenge, keelhaul, decry, retribute, improve, ripe, lay out, reproach, polite, good, abate, acute, crystallise, mitigate, spot-on, judge, careful, high-minded, honest, gear up, rig, punish, gruff, optimization, prim, refuse, refine, try, excoriate, fit, brisk, gentlemanly, puritanical, patch, remonstrate, ameliorate, so, regenerate, clear, compensate, further, advance, balance, agonize, compute, shed light on, patch up, unbending, cancel, subdue, factual, dress, cleanse, reprise, pose, harsh, coif, objurgate, set, criticize, comprise, align, catch up with, elaborate, relentless, just, obedient, add up, seemly, austere, handicap, conscientious, indemnify, unerring, brusque, uncompromising, right, genuine, represent, precise, apropos, decorous, right-minded, genteel, fussy, localize, line up, strait-laced, acrimonious, praise, condemn, adapt, bleak, reward, sentence, overcome, virtuous, denigrate, enlighten, inflexible, even, coiffe, garnish, acerbic, assort, mark, pay off, turn down, accurate, stark, boost, choosy, imprison, fundamental, lift, estimate, drawback, castigate, respectable, separate, meliorate, counterbalance, ingenuous, complying, perfect, temper, remedy, courteous.

fallacious, corrupt, forbidden, faulty, laid-back, off, unbecoming, flawed, informal, tacky, depress, seedy, aggravate, improper, proscribed, blemish, defective, false, rude, wrong, disallowed, awkward, indelicate, prohibited, unacceptable, imperfect, incorrect, easygoing, mistaken, impair, harm, spoil, unsatisfactory, inexact, mar, banned, inaccurate, gauche, untrue, outlawed, casual, unmannerly, shabby, erroneous, deteriorate, unceremonious, indecorous, vitiate, injure, grungy, indecent, debase, inappropriate, interdicted, tarnish, impolite, barred, unseemly, ungraceful, intolerable, falsify, discourteous.

Examples of usage:

1) An East and West line is your correct latitude. - "Lectures in Navigation", Ernest Gallaudet Draper.

2) " I have no doubt that the observation of your Ladyship is quite correct," said Kate, calmly. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) But Martin had time to correct her. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.