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Spell check of company

Correct spelling: company

bon ton, advance guard, political party, party animal, assignment, family, community, captain, business, posse, covey, crewman, telephoner, holding, assemblage, union, chum, career, regiment, barter, party, consort, station, cheerleader, outfit, retinue, firm, cabal, position, proprietorship, herd, do, brigade, colleague, division, corporation, coterie, assembly, fringe, fellow, occupation, colony, exchange, dinner party, profession, caller, specialty, come with, intimate, mob, faction, guild, entertain, enterprise, performing arts, string, pal, aggregation, detail, participation, familiarity, fleet, partygoer, muster, posting, society, cousin, management, hostess, sister, familiar, circle, mate, junta, industry, collection, commission, force, beau monde, chorus, affair, confidant, throng, wing, congregation, selling, concern, labor, band, contingent, relationship, attach to, confederacy, hive, schoolmate, event, caller-out, guest, acquisition, visit, buddy, commerce, blind date, brother, conclave, reconciliation, keep company, ring, house, confederation, follow, fellowship, activity, transaction, group, boatswain, gathering, flock, crony, coalition, play along, club, relations, agency, market, conference, body, big business, interest, platoon, competition, bosun, retailing, cavalry, ballet, clique, sect, rapport, agent, companionship, buccaneer, black tie, service, fraternity, detachment, invitee, visitor, social club, nest, set, boatman, venture, lodge, connect, employment, brotherhood, smart set, tribe, meeting, comrade, classmate, guest of honor, drill team, blue chip, federation, evening, dancer, convocation, convention, merchant, complement, host, affiliate, vocation, docker, high society, ship's company, comradeship, amuse, attend, cell, caller-up, comradery, link, partner, socialite, cap'n, amigo, corps de ballet, roommate, man about town, staff, coffee klatch, team, job, account, partnership, phalanx, organization, escort, order, crew, calling, caucus, alliance, congress, livelihood, corps, chemistry, collect, battalion, acquaintance, ballerina, conjunction, base, sight, troop, tie, bunch, league, gild, trade, crowd, chorus girl, association, accompanied, negotiation, consortium, establishment, litter, school, go with, companion, playmate, friendship, situation, command, pack, clan, drove, gang, friend, army, co-worker, visitant, chorus line, get-together, connection, accompany, bevy, troupe, the biz, busy work, phoner, cadre, squad, camaraderie, teammate, anchor, ally, practice.

independence, lonesomeness, isolation, forlornness, solitude, separation, disintegration, loneliness.

Examples of usage:

1) And who is the precious company you speak of? - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Charlotte will have somebody for company while I am at business. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) A good picture is real company, seems to me. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.