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Spell check of current

Correct spelling: current

capacitor, memory, received, certain, widespread, legal, ongoing, contemporaneous, transistor, hot, reliable, processor, air, conventional, live, tube, regnant, today's, ohm, abstract, au courant, orthodox, triode, up-to-the-minute, avant-garde, insulator, diode, discharge, DC, accepted, juice, negative, circuit, magnetism, volt, watercourse, monitor, catamenia, CRT, present, electric current, move, utopian, motherboard, rush, innocent, going, cycle, existent, flux, latest, existing, electrode, nonconformist, drip, customary, menses, trustworthy, underway, circulating, computer, connection, positive, authentic, resistor, afoot, electricity, fashionable, watt, state-of-the-art, speaker, legitimate, surge, authoritative, conceptual, menstruation, course, dense, sure, IC, deterministic, electronics, predominant, new age, popular, tweeter, flood, electromagnetism, arc, ebb, resistance, original, veritable, CPU, airflow, up-to-date, flush, late-breaking, modern, blast, spate, on-line, eddy, red-hot, true, radio, spark, flowing, anode, authorized, clean, present-day, capacitance, modernistic, cathode, theoretical, in progress, television, brownout, airy, flow rate, fresh, shock, backplane, electrostatic, wattage, conductor, microphone, arc light, stream, impedance, airborne, guiltless, video, flow, contemporary, time, FM, rate of flow, tide, central, accredited, frequency, rife, circuit card, stock, megahertz, amplifier, newfangled, ultramodern, lawful, usual, mod, down, metaphysical, real, receiver, direct current, legitimacy, specific, kilohertz, AC, recent, immediate, legally, breathable, prevailing, transmitter, airless, new, novel, drift, voltage, radar, space-age, atmosphere, rightful, modern-day, actual, prevalent, alternating current, active, designer, menstruum, amperes, topical, standard, polarity, network, extant, in, charge, instant, maelstrom, new-fashioned, genuine, now, induction, knowledge, alive, incumbent.

dated, forgotten, kaput, abnormal, archaic, ended, discarded, coming, fabulous, aged, future, back, hoary, timeless, extraordinary, bygone, fusty, unmodernized, unauthorized, unusual, old-time, antediluvian, former, superannuated, exploded, disputed, ago, over, old-world, through, retro, olden, completed, oldfangled, counterfeit, old, musty, outworn, erstwhile, antique, outmoded, obsolete, done, retrograde, finished, historic, false, apocryphal, uncommon, past, spurious, dead, outdated, anachronistic, dateless, old-fashioned, unborn, terminated, obsolescent, fictitious, baseless, up, disused, unpopular, remote, ageless, unconventional, concluded, out-of-date, antiquated, age-old, historical, ancient, venerable, late, exceptional, nonstandard, passé, moth-eaten, noncurrent.

Examples of usage:

1) She tried, however, to turn the current of the old woman's thoughts, by leading her to speak of the condition of the country and the state of the people. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) The current, which had been hitherto our greatest enemy, bore us back, almost without an effort on our part, to the very spot from which we had started. - "A Lady's Captivity among Chinese Pirates in the Chinese Seas", Fanny Loviot.

3) He had the start of me, and seemed to know the bottom better than I did, for when I came into the main current I could see him hurrying away, a good half mile ahead of me. - "The Mystery of the Locks", Edgar Watson Howe.