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Spell check of face

Correct spelling: face

party, formula, quarrel, cap, grammatical construction, stage, human, presumption, occupy, vanguard, copper, reflexion, establishment, map, wait, calculate, coinage, outward, certainty, avant-garde, lawsuit, attend, subject, memorial tablet, incivility, cairn, pose, eccentric, rudeness, cheek, interline, suit, hand, organisation, guinea pig, boldness, cash, exterior, effect, individual, feature, human being, impudence, baby, go through, top, man, familiarity, crystal, frontal, standing, sort, mortal, uppishness, cusp, bow, confront, facial gesture, overconfidence, mouth, manifestation, present, false colors, property, scout, wrangle, attitude, baptismal font, plaque, profile, hassle, lie, locution, thing, bicker, extrinsic, cause, looking, egg, vie, argue, assumption, slope, quality, depend, bucks, incur, pretense, long face, prospect, defend, vitrine, counter, outside, gift, forehead, acquaint, past, facade, dial, see about, crust, leader, dispute, view, center, strikingness, name, expect, color, assurance, look, semblance, pretext, salute, nervus, incline, features, case, construction, divide, brave, looking at, sauce, rebel, minute hand, puss, objective, looks, audaciousness, coloring, cast, oppose, doubtlessness, struggle, soul, reflection, baptistery, resist, verbalism, heart, administration, grammatical case, award, eye, point, side of meat, front, represent, behind, facial expression, spunk, shell, styling, concentrate, causa, anterior, head, certitude, cocksureness, ride, LCD, portray, scowl, being, put-on, dare, caseful, duel, skin, contest, disguise, coin, deal with, forepart, uppityness, corner, seeming, stiff, sureness, clash, suffer, handle, formulation, combat, encounter, respect, bet, set, stand, sit, cloak, nose, window-dressing, life, insolence, perimeter, defy, challenge, lay out, veneer, escarpment, enter, face up, light, sheath, aspect, lower, facing, appear, surface, presentation, smell, creature, satisfaction, pack, audacity, pillow slip, circumference, panorama, positiveness, pout, brazenness, appearance, show, frontage, bread, bod, facet, pertness, reckon, movement, mug, people, fob, kisser, demo, race, discourtesy, hardiness, dignity, customer, crown, conviction, display case, font, belong, countermand, slob, insulate, bill, express, flavor, up front, duck, nerve, tackle, buttock, line, exhibit, character, sauciness, organization, assuredness, mettle, dissent, courtesy, mow, tone, surety, prestige, give, deliver, sector, change, pad, vista, forwardness, fount, nature, brae, temerity, externals, feel, folk, moue, casing, contour, brink, instance, expression, introduce, address, protest, frown, typeface, withstand, get, sassiness, search, slip, example, cookie, disrespect, factor, event, specimen, pillowcase, pan, guise, spirit, masquerade, mask, exist, count, see, component, gall, crest, plane, cover, crag, presumptuousness, in front, disguisement, status, society, contravene, brass, brawl, brass section, guy, brashness, cheekiness, rearmost, inlay, glare, hypotenuse, impudency, person, humanity, precede, baptistry, counteract, wight, affront, LED, chops, banknote, submit, take up, position, brassiness, come under, frontispiece, await, forefront, seem, gloss, human face, fish, contrast, countenance, peculiarity, showcase, veil, governance, daring, type, scene, hardihood, physiognomy, contend, external, rear, take care, pushiness, flavour, wad, cross, personage, demonstrate, saying, chutzpah, endure, governing body, grimace, bird, feeling, fountain, opposite, wrestle, reputation, nerviness, silhouette, outer, undergo, play, muzzle, visage, effrontery, body, antagonize, meet, snoot, self-respect, side, disobey, impertinence, hour hand, conflict.

courtesy, bashfulness, avoid, hesitation, anxiety, beast, indecisiveness, brute, incertitude, unbelief, rear, rearward, mistrust, inside, interior, concern, beastie, faintheartedness, timorousness, misgiving, courteousness, graciousness, disbelief, timidity, animal, back, suspicion, grin, hesitancy, smile, innards, shyness, laugh, reverse, timidness, critter, gentility, incredulity, diffidence, doubt, mannerliness, civility, modesty, uncertainty, distrust, manners, irresolution.

Examples of usage:

1) So much is obvious on the very face of the narrative. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) Jamie turned away his face. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) But that mother's face! - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.