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Spell check of court

Correct spelling: court

try for, bar, atrium, attempt, attorney general, brown-nose, staff, circus, judicature, tap, motel, appeals court, train, place, balancing act, league, enclosure, ruler, beg, attorney, plaza, suite, spoon, court-martial, inquisition, quorum, council, struggle, serenade, campus, quad, backyard, crawl, kowtow, blind alley, nuzzle, barrister, cuddle, abdicate, judiciary, solicit, circuit judge, the, dethrone, royalty, apostrophize, woo, bailiff, try, homage, chat up, bill and coo, cost, hook, courtyard, back, press for, kiss, motor lodge, approach, hall, palace, coronation, entourage, ring, motor hotel, judicatory, caucus, commoner, administration, ogle, dissent, magistrate, congregation, accession, Margaret Court, go together, jurist, conference, fool around, dally, accede, store up, supreme court, baseline, parliament, cloister, speak to, date, circuit court, car park, court of appeals, House, forum, faction, entice, piazza, assembly, case, panel, session, judicial system, appeal, quadrangle, crown, county court, class action, coquette, body, tourist court, royal court, coalition, snuggle, arena, committal, charm, rink, field, cause, cherish, accost, summit, judgeship, strive, push for, mash, court of law, AstroTurf, flirt, clay, salute, alley, crease, arcade, alleyway, depose, lawcourt, cheat, go out, convention, caress, bench, congress, patio, law, go after, hail, strain, hug, bleachers, government, great, castle, appellate court, square, crown court, chief justice, seduce, meeting, coquet, chamber, coddle, cabinet, tribunal, justice, romance, beak, action, dally with, butterfly, carry on, go with, board, courtroom, make love, address, committee, symposium, retinue, cohabit, motor inn, clerk, Chancery, advocate, endear, work, bowl, legislature, close, adjudicator, propitiate, greet, philander, yard, cadre.

elude, pass, ignore, cut, shun, pass by, avoid, overlook.

Examples of usage:

1) Only one face never failed him, that of Bertrand Ballard, who sat where he might now and then meet his eye, and who never left the court room while the case was on. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Now you tell the court just what you saw the next day. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Tell the court what happened then. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.