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Spell check of cross

Correct spelling: cross

penetrate, baby, amphibian, dark, frowning, grade crossing, joyless, counterattack, meet, beetle-browed, address, endanger, wipe, carrefour, thwartwise, indulge, overlay, surly, fool, counteract, crosscut, particular, cassock, crucify, disagree, brood, hybridization, vacate, canonical, hook, cheerless, intersection, bellicose, confront, mess up, noncooperative, amalgam, mystify, dispute, gleam, obstruct, blow, efface, get, pass, ill-tempered, patsy, comprehend, abdicate, bored, score, louse up, bungle, climber, crossbred, enshroud, beast of burden, cone, peevish, home run, interbreeding, frustrate, hatch, bounce back, brush, counter, elude, caustic, glum, Easter egg, go bad, challenge, get through, embroil, fight, bush, arachnid, ungenial, stigma, snarky, irritable, pamper, crosswise, malevolent, crossbreed, dog, stupefy, bad-tempered, bearish, stymie, anguished, cut across, annul, oppress, intersect, crossroad, nonplus, fretful, cantankerous, box, violate, fumble, stain, mixture, non-satisfied, exasperated, marking, anxious, scar, Eden, hide, hybridizing, thwart, countermand, broom, mean, hostile, chip, crossover, affliction, crossway, dun, treat, bunny, cocker, drag, creationism, mishandle, altar, bean, boo-boo, hinder, trail, filter, expose, scrape, expunge, impair, angry, screw up, plow, catch, bulldoze, despoil, repress, continue, wrap up, check, arm-wrestling, handle, cross-fertilization, carrier, chase, dog collar, coddle, acid, deoxyribonucleic acid, allow, sulky, hybrid, crossroads, smash, transverse, stuffy, long-faced, tag, give chase, spread over, get across, grumpy, affront, disavow, unsociable, ill-natured, crotchety, mar, hybridisation, testy, rebuff, drag in, pass through, furrow, dejected, overcompensate, target, defeat, erase, dribble, discomposed, transversal, retract, uncomfortable, antagonize, tail, pettish, bilk, surmount, balk, knock, dissociable, cut through, spiteful, despondent, hybridise, perplex, over, finical, report, overfly, dare, cloning, strike at, shroud, sail, undo, canon law, join, prickly, protest, spoil, mark, chromosome, alpine, defect, combo, deny, strike, snippy, circus, torment, crisscross, muck up, petulant, blend, insure, contrary, squeeze, featherbed, commandment, swing, declare against, swing out, bow-wow, hieroglyphics, moody, birdie, restless, petty, bell ringer, tear up, melancholy, traverse, sign, backslide, biretta, baffle, crabby, boxing, collection plate, bodge, displeased, fluff, obstinate, combination, finicky, unhappy, overpass, beast, crucifix, skip over, contradict, morose, disquieted, interfere, annual, cold, crossing, clear, fall into place, cynical, malcontent, glowering, tribulation, flub, unfriendly, repulse, ungratified, encompass, crease, dollar sign, click, span, sweep, converge, cardinal sin, embrace, obliterate, reject, fiery, breed, print, rebel, boxer, bedevil, hybridize, object, bollix up, acerbic, blot, backhand, betray, huffy, conflict, rag, mollycoddle, interbreed, disapproving, mingle, miserable, bear, crown of thorns, gloomy, perverse, delivery, miscegenation, scowling, go over, bout, quick-tempered, evade, bumble, checkmark, kick, incubate, underwrite, subdue, blast, trial, come home, burden, wretched, green light, falter, pass over, ratty, cover up, raspy, bollix, jump, regulate, checkmate, moping, dissent, mug, ticked off, shoot, compound, go after, sink in, scotch, bobble, adult, chalice, tangle, amaze, ball, cereal, flash, asterisk, soft touch, carry, discontent, get over, bedding plant, concoction, tart, irascible, bantamweight, go against, disgruntled, acrimonious, churlish, contravene, big game, scupper, corrupt, mixed, snippety, loanblend, meddle, stand against, creep, bisect, jaywalking, sweep up, cosset, beat, abnegate, biped, impede, brand, push, extend, gravel, peril, scratch, put over, grouchy, crosswalk, uneasy, transit, chump, sour, flummox, itch, face, decussate, defy, get well, pose, stick, overcome, touchy, irreconcilable, ford, snappy, crossbreeding, gull, intercept, divide, cranky, botch up, short-tempered, crumple, mix, count out, crusty, choo-choo, caret, express, bang, dawn, collar, arthropod, marker, waspish, cold-blooded, brassica, cactus, deal, cross-fertilize, jumpy, hash mark, dumbfound, bollocks up, master, sullen, fall guy, corner, grade, frustrated, dour, repel, animal, crabbed, dissatisfied, cover, stump, resist, ball up, broody, heavy, arrow, foul up, teed off, skip, dissident, vitiate, plunder, rub, cut, chase after, track, mongrel, jumble, critical, suppress, bewilder, botch, alloyed, bitter, play, inhibit, snappish, oppose, big, bare-knuckle, loan-blend, pass across, grim, abandon, picky, busy, foil, vex, bull's eye, puzzle, clone, fussy, dive, choleric, cancel, irritated, delete, desert, fed up, uncooperative, compensate, renounce, move, deflower.

affable, tolerant, agreeable, lengthways, sweet, sociable, well-disposed, forbearing, blooded, uncross, purebred, good-natured, happy-go-lucky, lengthwise, full-blood, stoic, genial, outgoing, thoroughbred, obliging, patient, inbred, companionable, extroverted, full-blooded, friendly, long-suffering, amiable, uncomplaining, cordial, relaxed, understanding, easygoing, pedigreed, gregarious, carefree, good-tempered.

Examples of usage:

1) We can cross over, and when they seek us on this side we shall be on the other. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

2) I'm just cross because I couldn't sleep for the noise. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) But, whatever the luck, we must cross. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.