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Spell check of failure

Correct spelling: failure

sorrow, stalemate, bust, lemon, chastening, underling, debacle, tribulation, distress, stoppage, bankruptcy, do, cultivate, disappointment, beachcomber, crop circle, fruitlessness, wreckage, scarcity, noncompletion, born loser, second, outage, dead duck, avoidance, clunker, error, clinker, prodigal, misprision, bomb, bungle, nonachievement, unsuccess, nonstarter, eclipse, ill luck, shipwreck, reject, loser, want, landslide, crash, insolvency, second best, inadequateness, unsuccessfulness, misstep, checkmate, delay, accomplishment, flash in the pan, misadventure, impracticality, scantiness, nonfeasance, shortage, breakdown, adversity, has-been, underdog, pinch, delinquency, wilderness, slump, abortion, crunch, scarceness, catastrophe, also-ran, scapegrace, waterloo, nonperformance, evasion, ineffectiveness, trouncing, detrimentalness, negligence, lapse, crop rotation, success, futility, quitter, thrashing, defeat, cropper, stagnation, derelict, bum, trouble, unsuccessful person, mess, flop, harm, combine, miss, collapse, lacuna, no-account, poverty, bereavement, famine, misery, violation, bummer, decline, money, blow, miscarriage, lull, drought, trial, nonsuccess, suspended animation, frost, fallow, frustration, beating, wreck, thrive, ruin, fiasco, washout, apocalypse, collision, lame duck, arable, nonobservance, dereliction, ill, rout, corn, oversight, default, paucity, dearth, the slow lane, underachiever, turkey, incompetent, inadequacy, faux pas, second banana, downfall, undersupply, mishap, trough, deterioration, infraction, visitation, off day, bad hair day, deficit, inertia, uselessness, inaction, increase, affliction, calamity, second fiddle, bankrupt, break-up, neglect, unsuitability, subaltern, lack, crop, declination, cash crop, misfortune, mischance, omission, good-for-nothingness, malfunction, veteran, botch, dog, overthrow, cultivated, chastisement, insufficiency, rupture, subordinate, standstill, hardship, disaster, defaulter, reverse, sidestep, star, fizzle, dud, inferior.

crackerjack, adequacy, good luck, blockbuster, comfort, discharge, surfeit, win, plenty, accomplishment, fulfillment, achievement, dandy, prosperity, plenitude, joy, copiousness, gratification, corker, achiever, bountifulness, oversupply, jim-dandy, amplitude, relief, excess, success, overabundance, boon, solvency, phenomenon, abundance, surplus, smash, triumph, opulence, sufficiency, happiness, consolation, victory, wealth, pleasure, blessing, hit, good fortune, succeeder, compliance, winner.

Examples of usage:

1) He had declared that the fault was his, and that if he had had the right stuff in him, he could not have made the failure that he had made; but the poor fellow had not selected the elements of his nature. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) But all I could say would only make matters worse- and I'm a wretched failure at lying. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

3) I'd only worry about you having a power failure or something. - "The Love of Frank Nineteen", David Carpenter Knight.