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Spell check of hack

Correct spelling: hack

shopworn, black cab, loose woman, chauffeur, edit out, navvy, blotch, pockmark, cyber-terrorist, jade, cobwebby, hacking cough, veer, cliché, ancillary, fare, swerve, foreshorten, cut back, delete, discolor, skip, chip, defacement, stereotyped, plug, hackneyed, duty officer, burn, issue, blot, timeworn, slit, prune, clichéd, cut up, write out, strumpet, congressman, scar, scrape, literary hack, cut down, commuter, elder statesman, stigma, sparking plug, spoil, bring down, sore, cyberpunk, scold, abbreviate, carve, stopple, taxi, tailor, male plug, slue, designated hitter, notch, slew, turn off, wart, block, common scold, mutilate, jadestone, check, hurt, censor, trim down, capture, horse, discoloration, scolder, chaw, blemish, mangle, carpetbagger, copywriter, obligatory, career woman, defect, drudge, handle, driver, taxicab, mark, quid, chew, nick, whoop, access, carriage, browse, chestnut, bloodstock, threadbare, moth-eaten, blister, fleck, gentleman, brumby, call up, commentator, trend, make out, thin, Arabian, copy editor, congresswoman, nagger, speck, splotch, disfigurement, scuff, disfigure, distortion, archive, cut off, disregard, deformity, fracture, hack up, artist, compiler, dilute, edit, scab, cough, abrasion, chop up, Eurocrat, abrade, freckle, vehicle, author, amanuensis, eyesore, adapt, dot, tackle, cowboy, nag, deform, carthorse, hack on, face, spoilage, curve, hoopla, cut, combat, clip, etch, damage, desk person, snub, hacker, congressperson, breadwinner, impurity, shorten, trite, tickle, ward-heeler, writer, trim back, tarnish, mar, compress, chop, taint, back up, hail, free marketeer, ignore, banal, geld, stopper, cabriolet, tired, jade green, spot, weal, cabbie, rift, charger, condense, Arab, well-worn, dramatize, trollop, political hack, bronco, address, rationalise, drawback, adulteress, compartmentalise, thin out, biographer, bowdlerize, sheer, compartmentalize, reduce, machine politician, cud, trim, kink, switch off, cab, musty, gentlewoman, contract, peon, score, distort, lesion, hackney, cycle rickshaw, apparatchik, fault, hack writer, scratch, cleavage, spark plug, flaw, finely, racking, bay, cabstand, critic, fireplug, galley slave, turn out, rationalize, fornicatress, deface, commonplace, fire hydrant, dove, abridge, burn in, gash, deal with, append, stain, see about, brand, imperfection, wad, ghost, bronc, auxiliary, cut out, diarist, hype, ballyhoo.

exciting, unknown, riveting, absorbing, galvanizing, stimulating, unfamiliar, intriguing, enlivening, novel, fresh, engaging, original, atypical, invigorating, animating, unhackneyed, energizing, gripping, unaccustomed, new, interesting, unheard-of, extraordinary, uncommon, involving, strange, unusual, pioneering, unprecedented, engrossing.

Examples of usage:

1) The skipper, who left him there a few minutes, came hack with an armful of feminine apparel. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

2) I doubt if you can get a hack at this hour of the morning- and why waste two dollars? - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) I say, hack him up, you fellows. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.