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Spell check of wave

Correct spelling: wave

smile, amplitude, tumble down, winding, oscillation, attraction, wander, tidal wave, gesticulate, collection, reel, seethe, sway, hang, flitter, bulge, switch, fluctuate, explosion, notify, pulse, flash, shudder, high tide, growth, loop, salaam, reach out, symbol, sea, hail, designate, libration, extend, quake, flip off, nod, curl up, oscillate, waggle, roll up, badge, agitate, tag, spread, balloon, gradation, bending, swan, hair, open, shake, moon, flood, figuration, forelock, draw in, shimmer, wheel, quaver, ball, coil, lowlights, brand, band, dither, mark, balance, vagabond, low point, frizz, swell, centripetal force, flourish, beat, ramble, impulse, wag, twirl, high five, age group, spasm, drift, rove, vibration, wink, key, undulation, close, the briny, twine, cap, logotype, air resistance, upsurge, blink, tide, hint, the Caribbean, emblem, fuzz, gush, bowl, tube, rise, beacon, shiver, instalment, rhythm, express, alternation, corkscrew, dig, waver, gesture, the deep, waving, range, flush, surge, marker, curve, notation, jump, nudge, greet, sparkle, centrifugal force, club, scroll, designation, stray, gesticulation, prompt, low tide, ticket, curtsy, icon, flag, alert, absorbance, air kiss, air kissing, lighthouse, point out, alopecia, assemblage, capillary action, highlights, billow, approach, thrill, expand, welcome, hug, boom, flap, stamp, roam, busload, installment, ripple, upswing, lift, brandish, betoken, kink, fly high, increase, quiver, flutter, vibrate, high water, kiss, spurt, repetition, motion, heave, kick, flag down, cataract, moving ridge, uprising, twinkle, crest, hand-wringing, throb, crescent, stream, flow, vacillation, acknowledge, wafture, spring, bow, calorific, waterfall, roll, influx, hairline, roller, denotation, constellation, twist, sweep, hustle, flop, cue, flood tide, resonance, thin, fluctuation, bubble, bob, stretch, bristle, cast, twinge, point, roll out, cockle, rush, jet, prosper, crush, symbolize, thrive, wobble, high water mark, level, glint, guidepost, leap, jolt, indicate, note, beckon, sign, bonding, ocean, shrug, label, tremble, outburst, receive, straight, fly, bend, swing, kowtow, bore, grow out, pointer, jounce, totter, guide, tremor, swirl, indication, glimmer, pother, shake hands with, water, salute, pulsation, riffle, juncture, backwash, semaphore, denote, joggle, pluck, array, cone, signal, revolve, swarm, circle, gray, wind, handshake, legend, recede, namaste, rock, flicker, palpitation, breaker, turn over, banner, curl, accost, meander, notice, fit, ruffle, episode, token, insignia, glad-hand, undulate, embrace, vociferate, crowning glory, logo, wrap, jar, signpost, crowd, harmonic motion, bounce, onslaught.

Examples of usage:

1) He felt a wave of hatred heat his blood. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

2) Long may it wave! - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) We ought to have a flag to wave. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.