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Spell check of dangle

Correct spelling: dangle

knock off, strike down, omit, convince, depend, dissuade, overlook, throw off, drip, sway, drop, neglect, persuade, drop off, loll, flatten, suspend, send away, string, degenerate, spur, cut down, motivate, cast, drop down, miss, encourage, devolve, cascade, bob, nod, expend, dismiss, draggle, unload, sink, sling, throw, entice, sag, trail, prod, put down, hang out, send packing, droop, throw away, swing over, prevail on, overleap, drape, shake off, cast off, deteriorate, hang, swing, urge on, discharge, spend, fell, swing out, shed, get around, leave out, pretermit, dribble, sweep, set down.

Examples of usage:

1) And when the buttons came off she didn't mind, but excused them, too, on the ground that they were not used to being buttoned, and let her gloves happily dangle. - "The Pastor's Wife", Elizabeth von Arnim.

2) As this accumulates it forms into drops which dangle from the cap until they fall away. - "Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc.", George Francis Atkinson.

3) They are very pretty and amusing, but they are dangerous; they seem to expect that a fellow has nothing else to do but to dangle after them and pay them compliments. - "Lover or Friend", Rosa Nouchette Carey.