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Spell check of off

Correct spelling: off

mentally ill, effectively, here, coming, bush, inexact, negligible, deficient, mangle, near, score, inactive, crazy, latent, long, screwy, waste, aside, arrive at, remove, onward, sullen, stumble, unemployed, about, untrue, complete, suboptimal, bawdy, wack, singular, disconnected, appreciate, nutty, away, all the way, circumstantial, initiated, attendance, mop up, clever, slim, from, inadequate, idle, apart, catch, batty, out, behind, off-duty, fallacious, forth, further, slay, afar, anomalous, wacky, soft, tight, get, lunatic, exterminate, across, idiosyncratic, slight, take away, rancid, broken, absence, novel, unconventional, spicy, atypical, discharge, non compos mentis, reach, crummy, change, fruity, funny, slack, wretched, on, stale, contraindication, improper, turned, undecided, small, concession, gone, nearby, ribald, ill, lousy, divergent, punk, abnormal, freakish, oddball, wrong, blue, morose, injection, paradise, irregular, enrollment, soured, destroy, sluggish, unbalanced, impinge on, edgy, OD, along, disembarkation, nosedive, slow, lewd, weird, exceptional, absenteeism, beneath, unusual, drop out, surreal, bonkers, maniac, uncustomary, get through, finish off, effective, erratic, doff, strike, inoperative, lame, miserable, deplane, unpalatable, put away, like, unsound, zap, unique, make, moody, mistaken, invalid, collide with, correct, inconsistent, ahead, misfit, on sale, embark, despatch, loony, take out, finish up, loco, bland, enroll, incorrect, bad, twofer, glum, around, move out, gamy, then, deranged, far, substandard, inferior, united, nuts, send off, subnormal, audit, insufficient, daffy, fling off, built, inaccurate, discount, uncommon, dosage, tally, distraught, special offer, down, do in, automatic, last, insane, insipid, disrobe, erroneous, peculiar, narcotics, clear up, get rid of, saturnine, gaga, removed, shoot, incompatible, polish off, come to, mismatch, paltry, finish, sour, attain, alongside, sane, massacre, quirky, situated, help, eccentric, fey, eat up, withdraw, bush-league, beside, off-color, dispatch, slaughter, when, dissatisfactory, cordless, begun, clockwork, distant, dose, disordered, by, attached, dull, curious, maniacal, attend, unacceptable, cracked, extraordinary, pull off, transfer, buggy, cuckoo, fateful, little, odd, untypical, vacant, above, mad, forward, reduction, inedible, beyond, scant, take, brainsick, mutilate, frail, outside, increase, un-ordinary, moonstruck, drug, poor, dormant, returning, analog, wipe out, oddity, demented, dead, meagre, long-distance, deviant, unsatisfactory, subpar, get out of, crackers, this, until, whenever, cash discount, different, derisory, untruthful, strangle, risqué, clean, get on, rack up, board, gain, auxiliary, free, bump off, fragile, face to face, unproductive, unfamiliar, off-key, bizarre, run into, bananas, aberrant, automatically, unreal, originated, nonconforming, touched, strange, liquidate, hit, nasty, daft, wanting, entrance, peel off, false, salty, dark, rub out, inert, dotty, incongruous, crosspatch, knock off, kick off, glowering, unused, pip, before, cancelled, outlandish, after, medicated, wrap up, pitiful, assassinate, tasteless, close, all, out of the ordinary, fallow, erring, confused, next to, dour, sometime, racy, next door, absent.

exceptional, gratifying, sedulous, running, keen, grand, superb, middling, OK, satisfying, errorless, top-notch, classical, nifty, dandy, fine, A1, sound, clean, suitable, right, employed, flawless, significant, true, adequate, connected, nice, going, average, decorous, sterling, operative, decent, vigorous, prime, correct, classic, sufficient, stellar, terrific, letter-perfect, great, straitlaced, feasible, working, on, better, first-rate, mean, substantial, noble, supernal, operational, factual, neat, Victorian, borderline, functional, unsurpassed, splendid, marvelous, proper, unsoured, premium, priggish, accurate, fancy, minimal, prudish, bang-up, passable, satisfactory, veracious, worthy, high-grade, top, respectable, healthy, capital, living, industrious, crackerjack, practical, valid, busy, precise, exact, par excellence, banner, inoffensive, acceptable, superlative, large, choice, tested, usable, jim-dandy, energetic, unexceptional, wonderful, so-so, sizable, prim, alive, genteel, demonstrated, active, confirmed, assiduous, boss, operable, standard, largish, fair, tip-top, workable, impeccable, heavenly, functioning, superior, all right, perfect, sensational, operating, viable, fabulous, excellent, divine, tolerable, useful, special, mediocre, first-class, swell, groovy, seemly, tidy, faultless, established, proven, distinct, G-rated, goodly, innocuous, good, puritanical, staid, considerable, slick, polite.

Examples of usage:

1) If there is not that in Him which causes us to mark Him off from all other persons, and makes us expect different things from Him, and causes us to trust ourselves with Him, then He does not expect that any other force will draw us to acknowledge Him. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) " More likely he's sleepin' off a dhrunk," he said. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) I can take myself off, sir. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.