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Spell check of slip

Correct spelling: slip

situation, sapling, falsehood, pottery, lurk, fledgling, newborn, break, jottings, unload, fire, wane, kiln, shifting, slew, underwear, gumshoe, eccentric, boundary, newspaper clipping, geological fault, steal, caseful, shiftiness, regress, head trip, flaw, prowl, flight strip, comic strip, cutting off, slacken, misprint, lawsuit, settle, nod off, clipping, stumble, gaucherie, inscription, font, youngster, curve, glide, grammatical case, elusion, lingerie, pasteboard, slue, face, bat, mix-up, worsen, jiggery-pokery, ebb, swerve, work shift, skulduggery, shell, sneak, correct, goof, tauten, fade, fall down, degenerate, shoe, slickness, misestimate, hanky panky, knead, atrophy, help, misapprehension, plunge, pratfall, guinea pig, bra, switching, botch, lift, plummet, reproduction, misestimation, slip away, miscalculation, child, misdeed, stripling, snake, BVDs, body, skullduggery, stray, camisole, slither, vitrine, rotate, bowler, dilapidate, shift key, shift, grade, slip into, trickery, strip show, veer, instance, luxate, relapse, fount, built in bed, stretch, hocus-pocus, girl, message, gaffe, boy, solecism, moulder, moorage, sack, cutting, urchin, shimmy, duty period, parapraxis, skulk, hook, type, bowl, potter's wheel, brake shoe, deteriorate, aberration, trickiness, toddler, collapse, wither, mouse, nobble, transformation, stash, crease, swipe, pillowcase, undo, unclasp, piece, defect, stow, disengage, retrogress, sheer, store away, juvenile, lass, miscarry, chemise, slick, miscalculate, escalate, tuck away, fallacy, event, sprout, tumble, boxers, dance, put away, snarf, cutback, dockage, casing, miscue, waif, teddy, fall asleep, lapse, throw out, slip of paper, go downhill, paper, right, splay, pillow slip, filch, misconstruction, assume, suit, misjudgment, bloomers, doze off, strip, easy, batsman, flake out, abort, place, landing strip, infant, wilt, drop-off, putrefy, dislocate, rascality, leaf, lose, throw off, hit, tergiversate, showcase, sheet, don, misstep, fall apart, bustier, pinch, spread out, sideslip, mooring, lower, cricket, fall behind, glossy, carving, move, sag, misidentify, kid, post, kraft, teddy bear, foolscap, ceramics, fall off, descent, cardboard, loose, misjudge, get worse, mistake, tripper, slip-up, faulting, relax, drop away, revert, fall away, float, office, cartoon strip, unloosen, error, decrease, batting average, spiral, pull on, briefs, trend, dope off, funnies, Gabba, set down, unloose, example, untie, rusticity, fall, sandpaper, comedown, discharge, abstract, slick magazine, innocent, position, bunk, typo, baby, minute, IOU, cause, topple, patter, sink, reduction, ribbon, display case, decay, get on, fall back, note, seek, elude, shrinkage, shake off, landing, body suit, misconception, misconceive, pad, switch, blunder, card, deepen, lad, drift, trip, creep, careful, drop, unbind, shake, descend, tuck, evade, indiscretion, put on, err, ream, recede, skid, film editing, tying up, sheath, berth, mooring line, chit, garage, subject, memorandum, slope, loosen, memo, slump, ease, spot, slide, causa, sprig, drift off, distortion, glissade, potter, misconstrue, teddies, turn out, press cutting, list, fluff, faux pas, slink, typeface, press clipping, unwind, caption, glibness, brassiere, mar, thinning, downgrade, cut, displacement, drowse off, airstrip, minor, docking, go down, trip-up, eluding, slip one's mind, secrete, hide, bungle, transmutation, decline, clothes, case, billet, gift wrap, fault, put down, purloin, character, leave, fracture, cabbage, descend into, oversight, inaccuracy, pussyfoot, page, china clay, unfasten, slip on, striptease, tighten, increase, pilfer, slipperiness, come down.

Examples of usage:

1) I've worked too hard for it to have it slip through my fingers at this late day. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) And here on the mountain the years slip by like a long sleep. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Four years- those four years- do not easily slip out of life. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.