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Spell check of pull

Correct spelling: pull

institutionalise, leadership, get around, aspirate, draw back, capillary action, pull up, dedicate, rupture, move out, tearing, push, enthuse, absorbance, collect, block off, distill, realise, wrench, puff, get off, withdraw, run after, bias, tress, retire, interest, educe, in, tow, clout, leave off, quarter, debut, shut, spindle, invite, handle, supremacy, stock, seniority, practice, aim, trace, imbibe, yank, close off, lure, domination, glamor, snap, entertain, bust, place, enchant, leave, attractiveness, cold turkey, stand, pouffe, charge, bolt, rive, strength, glitz, overcharge, remove, pick off, lick, better, realize, emcee, except, row, inside track, cover, chicken out, guide, intrust, send, prolong, institutionalize, power, displume, reap, sop up, roll, kink, pair off, centripetal force, trigger, cast, invest, lead, describe, confide, weight, hassock, entrust, ask out, express, side, devote, vantage, chain-smoke, entice, light up, tear at, run, fire off, line, charm, unpack, take up, eject, motivate, retract, high ground, do, plunk, appeal, control, overstretch, break, take in, pull out, get out, intrigue, suck up, edge, incline, pull off, get away, wrest, induce, suck in, straighten up, put in, curl, trust, draw and quarter, draw up, shoot, poke, oligopoly, haul, knob, pulling, injure, move in, turn, escape, take away, trail, mastery, actuate, device, pull in, protract, tear, slug, biff, cut, deplumate, motivation, storm, heft, drop, enticement, whip hand, excerpt, punch, curl up, seal, captivate, attraction, gravitation, winding, character, comfort, twirl, flirt, pluck at, burn, lug, pick up, temptation, engross, authority, pick, habit, evoke, coax, seduce, rip, fasten, go out, take, pass, rob, plait, excite, perpetrate, extract, invite out, delineate, rend, shank, get by, discharge, make, eviscerate, whirl, like, get, clear, centrifugal force, comforter, bulge, elicit, amuse, gimmick, load, consecrate, draw on, hustle, ottoman, absorb, thrust, drive, omit, hold, rule, cessation, tug, magnetize, plume, conjure, put, bruise, gain, bend, commit, doorknob, calorific, haul up, pluck, ashtray, braid, draw off, stand for, fish out, bar, depict, fleece, energize, draw, forward, strain, attract, draw out, root, take out, flick, squeeze, sway, hook, press out, twist, disembowel, back down, harm, engage, predominance, blow, distil, importance, crook, back off, string, wind, bow out, allure, wedge, exclude, eddy, dazzle, chat up, get in, let off, cull, greatness, jump, affinity, drag, monopoly, inspire, flash, root for, retreat, extemporize, campaign, grab, open up, gazump, hale, coerce, air resistance, juice, chase, allurement, traction, go on, twitch, turn of events, thread, upper hand, wound, extraction, beat a retreat, pull back, fall back, buy food, bring in, close in, knocker, rank, drawing, ram, fire, represent, fight, force, soak, command, stead, bring out, earn, brake, buck, credit, balance, crank, spanner, whiff, close up, deplume, draw in, charisma, puff of air, canvass, tie, impel, lock out, surcharge, work, nicotine gum, appear, give, amplitude, exit, activate, influence, shoot down, good looks, split, twisting, fascination, heave, leverage, construction, quilt, magnetism, disable, powderpuff, spin, retarding force, bonding, clout nail, pressure, cleave, extend, tweak, brace, might, catbird seat, soak up, leave out.

estrange, hurdle, interference, obstacle, alienate, impotency, drawback, lurch, imbalance, minus, detriment, rub, force, drive, inequality, shackle, hitch, powerlessness, unevenness, bar, embarrassment, repel, strike, clog, shortcoming, check, push, crimp, manacle, disadvantage, liability, impotence, handicap, impairment, failing, push back, force back, reject, disparity, impediment, repulse, penalty, let, shove, setback, rebuff, obstruction, heave, thrust, hindrance, helplessness, catch, disability, trammel, stop, weakness, stranglehold, beat back.

Examples of usage:

1) More enraged than ever, the elephant tried to pull himself free. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) I'm sorry- because of Aunt Hester- but we always do pull together, you know. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) What did old grandfather Craigmile pull up and come over to this country for? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.