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Spell check of plain

Correct spelling: plain

unequivocal, luminous, bald-faced, unartful, straightforward, force field, unpleasing, explicit, playing field, modest, transparent, bold, weak, field of force, featureless, domain, by, spare, unpretentious, unpleasant, usual, uncompounded, plain-vanilla, unsightly, barren, supernumerary, undesirable, coherent, homely, lucid, blameless, sound off, callow, utterly, repulsive, dull, unambivalent, forthright, strike up, visible, opine, banal, abhorrent, plebeian, unlovely, grotesque, salient, translucent, scanty, direct, bailiwick, honest, area, simple, see-through, speak up, angelic, countryside, odious, repellent, blunt, field of operations, distinct, kvetch, excruciating, functional, pure and simple, desert, decent, sincere, quetch, superfluous, sorry, ugly, hideous, apparently, displeasing, nameless, damned, pronounced, stripped, sphere, faultless, free, obviously, namesake, such as it is, crystalline, discernible, shapeless, theater, au naturel, sadly, bright-line, impolite, dry, chilled, animadvert, clean, naming ceremony, overt, line of business, theater of operations, disagreeable, knitting, unpatterned, barefaced, out-front, unguarded, athletic field, unadulterated, unaesthetic, flat-out, artless, basal, field, unvarnished, mild, battlefield, kick back, untainted, ostensible, self-colored, natural, rank, abashed, kick, understandable, broad, forthcoming, unaffected, subject area, unadorned, unmixed, comprehensible, of, surplus, cool, total, diaphanous, field of battle, inelaborate, undeceptive, refined, redundant, unrestrained, undiluted, undisguised, simply, perfect, unremarkable, playing area, monolithic, on the face of it, rude, undeceitful, jejune, outspoken, vapid, terse, filmy, essential, evidently, mesa, unappealing, unattractive, insipid, simon-pure, unmitigated, literal, indivisible, purebred, unsullied, mere, conventional, bald, cut-and-dried, atomic, tundra, unstained, irreducible, common, commonplace, plainly, complain, stark, trusting, give up, repugnant, chaste, unrelieved, good, upstanding, sheepish, indifferent, homy, frank, perspicuous, arena, fine, traditional, orbit, seeable, knit stitch, prairie, uncomplicated, foundational, truthful, honorable, buttery, crispy, nonambiguous, freehearted, pure, patently, ingenuous, unassuming, undistinguished, stainless, ill-looking, crisp, out-and-out, speak out, unelaborate, pellucid, outright, observable, savorless, nascent, study, abrupt, dead, formative, aboriginal, undeceiving, gossamer, formulaic, extra, apparent, ringing, undefiled, plainspoken, austere, elementary, beautiful, unsavory, field of view, field of operation, decided, immaculate, pampas, sweep, calorific, monstrous, primary, unblemished, undecorated, plain stitch, meek, unbounded, primal, land mass, seemingly, manifest, open-and-shut, conspicuous, supererogatory, definite, subject field, the mainland, self-coloured, legible, general, bleak, unlimited, guiltless, straight, flat, veld, candid, sheer, steppe, gauzy, caramelized, manifestly, show up, routine, airfield, identifiable, fundamental, uncalculating, theatre, moor, naive, chewy, homey, submissive, unqualified, openhearted, unblended, all-out, unambiguous, clear, neat, stale, uncomely, sinless, mediocre, cobwebby, subcontinent, perceivable, unsubtle, unmingled, field of study, cream, purified, garden, field of honor, white, gauze-like, unfinished, initial, see, unostentatious, elemental, unsheathed, clear-cut, arrant, foursquare, Junior, recoil, desolate, evident, thorough, unexceptional, flying field, complete, innocent, nee, perceptible, standard, positive, open, uncluttered, palpable, blooming, strong, noticeable, flavorless, spotless, homelike, unsophisticated, downright, principled, bare, subject, inelegant, right-down, ostensibly, knit, irreproachable, tasteless, self-explanatory, patent, vaporous, limpid, severe, everyday, heath, popular, prime, marginal, average, unmistakable, exposed, humble, unreserved, savanna, discipline, grim, seeming, contrite, free-spoken, assignment, landing field, childlike, spartan, hopelessly, selfless, bluff, ordinary, excess, basic, garden-variety, swath, milquetoast, vapourous, un-artificial, utter, crashing, up-front, luculent, intelligible, disfigured, outgoing, obvious, knitwork, unembellished, full-strength, solid, flatness, big, tailored, genuine, plain-spoken, theatre of operations, battleground, bland, swathe, apologetic, consistent, stock, absolute, decipherable, unornamented, untarnished, champaign, after, plateau, unalloyed, consummate, trim, run-of-the-mill, self-effacing, thoroughgoing, unobtrusive, crystal clear, unspeakable, unbeguiling, virtuous, limited.

churrigueresque, pinstriped, evasive, brindle, patched, merged, castellated, imperceptible, ornamented, inappreciable, dotted, overdecorated, mixed, banded, imprecise, tight-lipped, specked, unclear, false, coalesced, decked-out, spotty, flamboyant, mottled, attractive, marbleised, enigmatic, doctored, unapparent, circumlocutory, freckled, double-dealing, opaque, indecipherable, flashy, debased, blended, sketchy, alloyed, fallacious, chirk up, corrupted, diluted, two-faced, slippery, cheer up, intermingled, vermicular, indistinct, close-mouthed, ornate, lying, undecipherable, reserved, glitzy, tabby, dressy, dim, incomprehensible, lurid, cheer, castled, gauzy, tessellated, conjoined, loud, blotchy, fussy, quiet, sprigged, embattled, subtle, equivocal, indirect, blotched, overwrought, busy, befouled, misleading, luxuriant, lacelike, bedecked, incorporated, splotched, hypocritical, ambiguous, churrigueresco, vermiculated, nebulous, black-and-tan, indefinite, laced, inhibited, puffed, obscure, erroneous, damask, damascene, dubious, unreadable, streaky, watered-down, deceitful, joined, intermixed, compounded, wordy, veined, contaminated, besmirched, vague, brindled, slashed, elaborate, patterned, overdone, amalgamated, florid, showy, cheapened, uncommunicative, polite, spotted, venose, extravagant, cryptic, moire, lentiginous, mysterious, adorned, gaudy, streaked, tawdry, tainted, spoiled, sullied, ostentatious, striped, dressed, glittery, untruthful, marbled, fanciful, battlemented, checked, reticent, brinded, illegible, insensible, stippled, commingled, veinlike, turbid, embellished, long-winded, fused, considerate, soiled, garish, chequered, clouded, bedizened, unintelligible, impure, unfathomable, swank, adulterated, appareled, cross-banded, rococo, tactful, united, restrained, splashy, indeterminate, stripy, burled, mendacious, garnished, hazy, roundabout, vermiculate, aureate, baroque, arrayed, foggy, marbleized, civil, fantastic, fancy, lentiginose, nonobvious, decorated, crackle, cloudy, embroidered, trimmed, prolix, verbose, unknowable, politic, flecked, indiscernible, dark, circuitous, defiled, pointillistic, unclouded, lacy, puff, courteous, floral, laconic, gray, figured, ringed, watered, murky, noncommital, exaggerated, obfuscated, dappled, polluted, flowered, mingled, dissembling, linked, checkered, combined, fouled, taciturn, unobvious, speckled, misty, diplomatic, impalpable.

Examples of usage:

1) So much could be understood, and happily the name America was plain enough to them. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

2) " In plain words," said she, calmly, " you ask me what manner of man I would consent to marry. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

3) I put a plain case to you, and I wanted as plain an answer. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.