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Spell check of chilled

Correct spelling: chilled

discouraged, murdered, strangled, depressed, restrained, smitten, intimidated, checked, smothered, cooled, slew, done in, executed, exterminated, refrigerated, iced, removed, deterred, butchered, averted, disinclined, drowned, slain, prevented, banned, massacred, barred, shivering, put to sleep, cold, ice-cold, done away with, killed, hanged, diverted, frozen, dispatched, inhibited, daunted, disheartened, assassinated, admonished.

Examples of usage:

1) A sudden shock of disappointment chilled her. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

2) He made us feel as though it were all as new to him as to us: he never chilled our enthusiasms or took the bloom off our surprises. - "The Greater Inclination", Edith Wharton.

3) " I have taken my steps better than that;" and his words which followed chilled Helen, as they robbed her of a hope. - "One Maid's Mischief", George Manville Fenn.