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Spell check of champaign

Correct spelling: champaign

arena, pampa, field of operation, field of battle, knit stitch, athletic field, field of operations, field, playing field, field of view, knit, flying field, theatre, subject field, field of honor, plain stitch, tundra, lea, moor, prairie, subject area, theatre of operations, field of force, theater, battleground, study, plain, down, force field, subject, airfield, theater of operations, area, heath, steppe, llano, sphere, grassland, desert, plateau, flatness, field of study, playing area, mesa, domain, bailiwick, discipline, line of business, pampas, veld, savanna, countryside, landing field, orbit, campo, battlefield.

Examples of usage:

1) The undulating champaign between the Catoctin and South Mountains, that forms the broad Middletown valley, seems to invite the manoeuvres of infantry battalions; but, climbing the steep ascent in the teeth of musketry and field- batteries, must have been sharp work indeed, though the assailing force doubtless far outnumbered the defenders. - "Border and Bastille", George A. Lawrence.

2) In striking contrast with this wild and barren region was the view presented by the west and south, where for many miles stretched a smiling champaign, exuberantly wooded, and varied with a thousand hues, till it was terminated at length by the successive tiers of the Atlas, and the dim and fantastic forms of the Numidian mountains. - "Callista", John Henry Cardinal Newman.

3) Unless- when, peradventure, your armies over the champaign Spread with a stir and a ferment, and bid War's image awaken, Or when with stir and with ferment a fleet sails forth upon Ocean - Cowed before these brave sights, pale Superstition abandon Straightway your mind as you gaze, Death seem no longer alarming, Trouble vacate your bosom, and Peace hold holiday in you. - "Verses and Translations", C. S. C..