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Spell check of plan

Correct spelling: plan

tally, suppose, stage, preparation, expect, rationalize, conceive, imagine, theory, target, outline, political platform, device, structure, landscape architecture, settle, streamline, surmise, sort, architectural plan, supposition, feng shui, value, road map, stabilize, rate, scheme, portrait, judge, prepare, harmonize, architecture, expectation, schedule, ideal, group, thing, judgement, unify, sum, ambition, separate, triangulation, visualize, rough draft, contrivance, modus operandi, plan on, establish, send off, set, form, maintain, technique, delineation, designing, will, map out, procedure, compose, account, intention, attack, assessment, consider, layout, proposal, objective, gauge, masterpiece, limit, game, circumscribe, set up, integrate, propose, observe, normalize, order, ideate, agenda, finalize, perceive, programme, curriculum, organization, broadcast, choose, daydream, ideation, stratagem, idea, reengineer, study, end, proposition, premeditation, visualise, plot, configuration, reflect, systemization, rank, thought, array, invention, depiction, strategy, dream, presume, consideration, coordinate, computer program, deduction, grade, see, aspiration, resolve, personalise, anticipate, estimation, evaluation, object, reckoning, dream up, conspiracy, girth, vision, bar graph, representation, cross section, fantasize, think, orchestrate, stick out, hold, scene, course of study, think ahead, evaluate, individualize, draw, opinion, perimeter, profile, quantize, ground plan, mean, contrive, unsnarl, computation, envisage, silhouette, coordination, intent, presumption, score, support, multiply, wire frame, anticipation, doodle, still life, excogitate, infer, measure, charcoal, undertaking, sketch, trace, division, engineering, theorize, observation, externalise, skeleton, total, shape, axis, place, master plan, cartoon, elevation, design, perception, right, jut out, divide, reckon, create, water color, mediate, political program, class, sift, bourne, project, syllabus, methodize, predetermination, conception, algebra, lay out, planned, triangulate, delineate, opine, policy, point, circumference, inspiration, bell curve, premeditate, pigeonhole, collate, engineer, chart, personalize, prospectus, draft, screen, line, determine, mind, add, schematize, civil engineering, tactics, system, algorithm, game plan, throw, landscape, figure, diagram, conclude, envision, subordinate, enumerate, rendering, purpose, choice, cast, externalize, draw up, marshal, view, type, represent, quantify, reflection, systematize, devise, projection, deduce, image, mark, block graph, adjust, be after, course, mathematics, calculation, appraisal, platform, regulate, illustration, architectural, treatment, statistics, pattern, estimate, jut, program, frame, invent, curve, wish, meaning, compute, weigh, choreograph, pretension, aim, balance, inference, tactic, orderliness, schema, categorize, intend, determination, calculate, pastel, scenario, inkling, systematization, excogitation, count, classify, endeavor, concept, convene, arrangement, assess, picture, principle, tracing, method, forecast, organize, arrange, means, conclusion, multiplication, painting, blueprint, contemplate, quantification, agreement, forge, fancy, calculus, computer programme, valuation, approach, arithmetic, drawing, tack, approximation, fix, appraise, framework, contour, protrude, start out, disposition, predetermine, goal, formulate, guess, notion, brainstorm, periphery, forethought, planning, itinerary, innovation, approximate, control, arrangements, enumeration, map, border, foregone conclusion, stratify, measurement.

means, method, way.

Examples of usage:

1) I have a perfectly safe plan. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) " No," said I. " I have a better plan. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

3) At least it was the plan to have it so often. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.