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Spell check of plane

Correct spelling: plane

bay, grown, shave, hedge trimmer, square, reach, monotonous, balsa, slick, plateau, jackknife, band saw, radial arm saw, smooth, leap, planer, trowel, almond, room, pliers, shears, knock off, developed, coping saw, auger, ash, silken, screwdriver, planar, knife, flat, grapnel, tied, straight, rake, plain, snips, unwavering, bench drill, polish, skitter, span, back saw, skip, punch, card, sickle, matted, awl, edger, chip away, shovel, jointer, bay tree, flavorless, zone, spring, leeway, dress, handsaw, scale, canvass, hatchet, chisel, extent, scroll saw, grade, skim off, fully-fledged, pick, lathe, area, gloss, wedge, pipe wrench, fretsaw, level, flavourless, unconditional, spanner, savorless, table saw, insipid, drill, ball-peen hammer, matte, compress, tire iron, scythe, Planing Machine, tin snips, space, scissors, spade, growth, scan, skim over, crowbar, ax, wrench, Air Force One, hacksaw, file, full-fledged, airliner, machete, axis, immature, circular saw, welder, skim, run down, buzz saw, line, full-grown, bound, biplane, monkey wrench, tack, scope, acreage, alder, jump, flat solid, drill press, hop, grind, dive, outline, airship, bed sheet, deflate, miter box, woodworking plane, categorical, keyhole saw, compressed, banyan, horizontal, acacia, monotone, baobab, jigsaw, vapid, lug wrench, measure, ripsaw, piece of paper, airplane, cold chisel, mat, squish, hurdle, stapler, weather sheet, canvas, chain saw, rag, categoric, balloon, fly, calipers, flush, chop, inclined plane, fully-grown, even, aeroplane, sheet of paper, flail, posthole auger, two-dimensional, adz, monotonic, tool, claw hammer, gouge, curvature, field, diameter, axe, volume, prostrate, carpenter's plane, Airbus, arc welder, shroud, bow saw, sledgehammer, full-blown, mainsheet, vise, cut, flatten, glaze, stretch, crosscut saw, arc, cream off, neighborhood, matt, B-52, sheet, aircraft, chord, trim, savourless, length, diagonal, hammer, cream, grindstone, bland, aspen, sail, range, vault, crimp, spoke shave, region, territory, glance over, mallet, infantile, tabloid, chase, saw, wrecking bar, sand, burnish, dimension, emery wheel, pickax.

undulating, rugged, wavy, unsmoothed, inclined, broken, unaligned, slanting, undulatory, uneven, coarse, rough, irregular, sloping, pitted, lumpy, warped, inexact, hilly, pocky, rolling, pockmarked, bumpy.

Examples of usage:

1) If the snow is on a slope, as it often happens, these blocks are raised and the upper slopes are cut down to a level plane. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Then he rose and went away, and Mary sat down in his place, and Annie gradually came back to the material plane of everyday life and duty. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) And if there you find yourself in a sphere of lower development than myself; and you have any desire to rise to a higher plane, remember, there is one spirit in the universe, who will leave any height of enjoyment, and descend to any depth of misery, to raise you to a higher plane of happiness, if it is possible so to do. - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.