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Spell check of mean

Correct spelling: mean

thrifty, annoyed, perfidious, middling, odious, pixilated, nucleus, put out, infamous, transliterate, niggardly, typify, parsimonious, broody, recall, ornery, soused, inaugurate, fretful, soaked, closefisted, vicious, cheeseparing, intermediate, dissociable, adequate, common, incriminate, capital, vindictive, means, catty, nasty, midpoint, anticipate, divisible, mind, compressed, smashed, meaning, hard, degraded, endeavor, squiffy, wealth, glum, want, medium, irritated, denote, drive at, basal, routine, suppose, set off, cogitate, repulsive, scurrilous, hateful, badly off, point to, pitiful, intimate, stingy, struggling, think about, stiff, experienced, heart, angry, black-hearted, careful, cohere, opine, moody, ordinariness, dominant, churlish, bring about, ascetic, agency, modest, half, noncooperative, project, entail, narrow-fisted, blotto, propose, epicenter, axis, loaded, hostile, note, gifted, midsize, run-of-the-mill, midway, crabby, melancholy, taut, poor, imply, yearn, involve, stand for, specify, raise, predominant, upset, touch on, imagine, ordinary, indicate, retrieve, virulent, unkind, displeased, commonplace, midmost, rigorous, suburban, capable, baleful, fuddled, bisecting, everyday, rapacious, deprived, invent, austere, inculpate, create, repute, glowering, meager, banal, cockeyed, foul, hard-fisted, bisection, look upon, despicable, mundane, long, traditional, vile, betoken, owned, per capita, dour, mediocre, catalyze, pivot, calculable, rotten, needy, half-and-half, frowning, shabby, sloshed, conceive, shameless, fine, bitter, mean-spirited, kernel, set apart, impoverished, connote, monstrous, describe, good, malignant, miserly, even, reasonable, dishonorable, ungenerous, central, organ, recollect, wet, petulant, mad, expect, hold still for, look for, guess, standard, blind drunk, resource, equidistant, decent, sozzled, sulky, knavish, blackguard, inhuman, halfway, beggarly, cynical, morose, average, malign, purpose, bad-tempered, misbegot, unscrupulous, wicked, suggest, wish, plan on, conventional, identify, intend, annualized, spurious, lowly, deceitful, concoct, spiteful, dark, determine, pivotal, think, marrow, crooked, slopped, baseborn, choose, explain, indivisible, take to be, besotted, commonness, remember, wherewithal, stringent, low, ignominious, implicate, popular, sinister, rancorous, bastardly, skilled, fee-tail, ignoble, surly, make, scowling, import, unfriendly, debased, instrument, irascible, ill-natured, abstemious, unsociable, record, cantankerous, reckon, decimal, acceptable, symbolise, hatch, scheme, expert, allude to, uncharitable, median, the law of averages, discreditable, economical, penny-pinching, plan, ungenial, dejected, accomplished, nub, able, skillful, esteem, mention, corrosive, cruel, core, tight, contemptible, malevolent, penniless, repellent, villainous, hexadecimal, thrift, express, satisfactory, baneful, ill-tempered, come up, obstinate, Spartan, symbolize, normalcy, agent, mechanism, think of, think up, tolerable, humble, crocked, usual, reprehensible, disagreeable, signify, base, invoke, misbegotten, meanspirited, call back, sneaking, modesty, pie-eyed, greedy, call up, moping, flirt with, contrary, consider, contemplate, stereotype, double-digit, asset, have in mind, fall into place, trigger, sordid, toy with, regard as, fortune, venomous, close, lust after, mid, normal, plastered, halfway point, designate, all right, gloomy, medial, mezzo, aim, planned, dream up, grumpy, tell of, beetle-browed, average out, evil, long-faced, cerebrate, banality, hope, abject, arithmetic mean, betray, fraudulent, binary, nuclear, awful, entertain, small-minded, middle-of-the-road, economies, mean value, faithless, malicious, instrumentation, belligerent, so-so, customary, uncooperative, hurtful, OK, crummy, mingy, believe, unworthy, stock, midst, start off, correspond, respectable, par, center, pitiless, design, sullen, intermediary, represent, destitute, immoral, aspire, hub, moderate, loathsome, poverty-stricken, form, spell, add up, grim, mediocrity, axial, petty, grouchy, say, sour, degrading, revolting, start out, centralized, geocentric, target, treacherous, norm, crave, envisage, proclaim, offensive, define, edge, resolve, antagonistic, frugal, destine, look on, cross, middle, selfish, economic, instrumentality, fed up.

strange, rich, idiosyncratic, distinctive, unskilled, unnatural, generous, unusual, noble, individual, rare, private, uncommon, unique, excessive, special, abnormal, estimable, peculiar, extreme, exceptional, nice.

Examples of usage:

1) You mean the night at Mrs. Parkin's? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) I mean at once! - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) I mean what I say, too. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.